Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It was a bit frustrating to hear, our lead bassist couldn’t make out for this gig. But without him things become more strange and twisted, as we have to perform as two piece band today. We’re already bunch of bizarro to play punk/metal without guitarist. But today, we played in punk/metal gig with just drum and single bass. We’re the first of its kind in Thailand or maybe in South East Asia generally.

Anyhow, that is the point. Dare to rise and dare to be stand with your idea. We are meant to be here at Hatyai, Songkhla today to teach the scene over there. Never afraid to be different and proud with your originality either you’re buddist, moslem, satanist, monks, terrorists or hafizan


Let me review the whole event in easy black and white aspects, the negative and positive:


- We travel at the very lowest and easiest way. Using my Volvo, with one crew member, (Mr. Badril I really appreciate you, man!) as handy man. We took 5 day car insurance for RM18 and fuel for RM60. Practical and cheap.

- Arrived at the venue on time. 5.30 PM. All bands were there and crowds filling the streets.

- Kai, the organizer arranged us to be the 3rd band, allowing us to drive back home before Ban Dannok border gates get closed.

- We never play in Thai, speak Thai or have our cds sold in Thailand before. But the crowds really really supportive. It was completely chaos and brutal show. The best for me!

- All Wreckär t-shirts sold out!

- The soundman and sound engineer really doesn’t understand what we’re talking and what we’re playing. I know they had no idea at all. But still they co-operate with us very well and try to give what we want.

- Most of the band that shared the stage was awesome punk/hardcore bands.

- Most of the people we meet are kind and soooooooo friendly!!!

- Haven of Thai foods along the street. Many clubs and pubs too, as well as halal hawkers too.

- We arrived at Bukit Kayu Hitam right at 11.45 PM. It was tiring but we’re not so keen to spend our night in a place like Dannok.


- I don’t know what the problem is, but the gig start nearly at 7.30 PM. Previously Kai was so punctual with the schedules.

- The sound was not so good. But why the hell Wreckär played with only bass and drum? So I couldn’t blame the system. But playing in crusty/metal/punk band like us, we just enjoy deliver chaos and violence show. We didn’t care much about the sound, as long it turn to be WILD!

- The member of PSYCHOPATHY stopped me at the door, asking me to return the cymbal stand on my way to go back home. He accused me for stealing it from the pub. I am very pissed off at that moment, but still in control. I explained it so hard but this boy doesn’t understand English making its hard for me. He kept saying shits and wanted me to return the stolen cymbal stand which I actually brought from Faithcraft . Why the hell I need to do that? I got my own completed drumset. I even got my own studio!! Lucky Kai come to alert and explained shit to him that the equipment was mine. So he buzzes off! And after return home, I finally learned from Kai, the organizer and PSYCHOPATHY vocalist that the drummer was actually asking to borrow my cymbal stand but couldn’t tell it in English and he doesn’t understand what I’m saying either. So this miscommunication is the most dangerous thing could happen on both parties! Sorry for all the misunderstanding.

- we got so many technical problems this time. we had to stopped 4 times in the middle of the show. First to moved the drumset further in front since it is very tigh space for fat guy like me behind the set! The crowds were so insane they kicked Chainsore bass’s cable off twice, and lastly Chainsore broke his bass strings before he had to borrow the bass from Give Me Fight band and played our final song.

- We should never blame the rainy night, but only about 70 people showed tonight. But it was still an amazing crowd.

- Wreckär definitely needs more crews. I lost some shirts and patches. Haha!

- And yes, from my point of view Thai scene still full of trend and fashion (which is normal thing, read TRENDY) But those boys and girls have to survive even they’re only into it for fashion. They didn’t want to listen to your music but your style. You have to agree with it. But they’re spending their buxx for you. (the reason why our shirts sold out and stolen, but just few maniacs touches our CDs or any imported CDs I brought from my distro lists!). But sooner, they will grow. These boys will become activists, editing zines or maybe form a band in the future.

- A pity, we couldn’t have the chance to see NO IDEA and BLOOD SOAKED STREET OF SOCIAL DECAY playing their sets.


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