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Australia's Belligerent Intent is one gila Black/Death metal gladiators, I have seen them 'live' even before I heard their studio recordings. They blast with raw power, crack destruction and spew blasphemy all over the darkest day in Kota Kinabalu. Yes, my days with Kemenyan Zine are over, but that doesn't stop me from doing this interview with Belligerent Intent's, psycho vocalist and bassist Craig, here we go...

Hail Craig. How is thing down there?
Craig: Hails Maniac! things here are fine, within the band we are working hard.

First of all, we from west Malaysia didn’t know much about Belligerent Intent. To be honest, I knew about you guys just because of that show with Nunslaughter in Kota Kinabalu. How you guys hooked up with these Borneo’s metalheads and ended-up with that show?
Craig: It all started with Shyaithan and God Beheading back in 2010. Through the contact that Belligerent Intent had with Shyaithan previous to this led to us getting offered to come over and play God Beheading. So we gladly accepted. That's mainly where Belligerent Intent was exposed to the Asian Metal scene.. After this show, coming close friends with MANTAK organised a show in our hometown. Melbourne, Australia.. This show was killer and a lot of happy Hellbourne Metal fiends surrounded for the MANTAK assault.. Anyway, our connection kept on to the show you seen in KK, Sabah..

Your presence together with Nunslaughter in Sabah was a big slap to Christianity since they’re the most rapid-growing Christian-state in Malaysia. What do you think about Sabah entirely? From sumandak (girls) to foods to music? I like Sabah because it’s full of unique and tribal culture, mysticism, satanic bands, cute sumandaks.
Craig: Well I had no idea of the rapid growing Christian-State in Malaysia.. I mean I understand that this is a system unfoldiing on every continent with religions, but Belligerent Intent focuses on bringing our Metal to likeminded Hell fiends where ever it may lead us on the globe, regardless of religion that may disagree on our arrival... We know exactly where we stand and what our energy represents.. For those who may try to stop us, or hinder the message I deliver then it goes beyond the music, and things can get ugly..

As for KK, Sabah.. Malaysia.. Belligerent Intent fucking loved it mate! the people and the fans are awesome. The food was good, the alchohol flowed and many good times with you maniacs..

But will you guys heading to west Malaysia soon? Do you know anything from here? Things are quite difference in here, except we’re bunch of brown people… hahaha.
Craig: I'm not that educated on much in foriegn countries, but from my travels so far I'm fucking loving Asia, the Fans and the people are awesome.. We are in the middle of organising a 4-5 show tour through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.. So KL will be on the show list! We really looking forward to coming there to bring our horde there.. This tour is based around the True Siam Metal Fest on the 8th of Dec, 2012.. So we will be hitting KL around late Nov 2012!

Now tell me about your old days with Flesh Embraced? And what is Belligerent Intent connection to Cemetery Urn? Why Cemetery Urn did not show up in Sickening Art gig?
Craig: I met Matt, Mark and Luke in Flesh Embraced going back a while now. I had known of Matt for a long time from his first band Twisted Fate.. But we played with our ex guitarist (Mark Chaos Massacre) in Flesh Embraced as well. This band fell apart after about 12 months and Matt, Mark and myself would move onto forming Belligerent Intent, which was a band that I had been attempting to form on and off for the previous 10 years to playing in Flesh Embraced.. As the first 3 years of Belligerent Intent playing shows and recording with Mark, we finally parted ways and recruited Luke on guitar.. Then along came maniac axeman from Urgrund to complete the line up of the new Belligerent Intent.. Mike Possessed!
I've known Damo and the Urn guys for fucking years, at the time I was doing vocals in a band (Guild Of Destruction) with the ex guitarist and drummer of Cemetery Urn.. They had decided to move on and Urn was in need of a drummer, they asked Matt and he went on to join and take on that roll.. We're all good mates, I will be joining on bass as well so a lot of our touring will probably be Cemetery Urn/Belligerent Intent.

And how is it living in Australia? I mean, like you guys told me back in K.K, Black/Death metal scene is just a small community down there. Will you move to other country someday?
Craig: The scene here in Australia has always been a weird one. I guess it's a lot influenced by U.S trends etc and the Underground scene is very small. We get good support off the true maniacs that have been around but the shows are hard to judge the turn out you will get.. It all depends on the promotion and time put into organizing a show too.. We have good turn out for the international acts, Deicide, Hate Eternal, Nile, Morbid Angel etc.. even the Mantak show was a good turn out.. Just sometimes it's hard to pull decent local shows

I’m not a big fan of this band. But I couldn’t help myself to ask you about these Malaysian thrash metal band called Cromok established in New South Wales in the late 80’s since they’re so famous back then and even now. Have you heard about them?
Craig: No mate, I have never heard of this band

About your debut, seriously I couldn’t find any weakness in it. It is like a combination of Vital Remains, Immolation, Impiety and God Dethroned. I remembered, when I was walking with Mark Delan aka Fauzi at night before the show in KK, (before Matt gave me the cd) he told me Belligerent Intent is an insane musicians ( he said ‘Gila’!). Yes, you guys are gila…why it took so long to release “Seven are They”?
Craig: Haha Cheers mate, Yeah I guess it did take a while to release. We had a lot of issues going on early in the days with recordings, shows, personal drama's etc.. I ended up in prison for burning a church and Mark got cancer at this same time.. It felt at that stage that Belligerent Intent was over.. But I vowed that I would never stop this madness and that Belligerent Intent had only been formed 6 months before this all unfolded! We went on once I was released and Mark had beat cancer through vigorous treatment.. Went on to release our promo and then EP...
Anyway, we started to get on a roll after "Descending to Abandon" and playing God Beheading.. But we ended up parting ways with Mark Chaos after a long haul with the maniac and we just went full steam from then on.. With Matt doing Urn and playing non stop took us up a notch as well.. His drumming is just insane these days

Tell me about Bellegerent Intent new compositions?
Craig: We will be starting to record our second album early 2013.. titled ETERNITY OF HELL AND TORMENT.. The plan so far is for it to be a combination of all our early influences of that evil fucking hatred that boils in your veins.. taking it back to where it came from.

You guys are going to play in U.S, right? How is your preparation to conquer U.S.A?
Craig: There is no preparation of us going to the U.S just yet.. I could be heading there with Cemetery Urn maybe, and this could lead to something with Belligerent maybe going along.. But it's all just talk at the moment.

That’s all for now mister. I hope to see you again in the new future. All hails Belligerent Intent!
Craig: Cheers Raimi, Thanks for the interview brother. Keep up the brutality and we will see you crazy fucking goat hordes and fiends in late Nov 2012!
Hail Satan
Ia Ia pazuzu 666 Chronozon io io


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Kherow will uphold high their glorious banner in Bulungan, Indonesia on this coming 6th May 2012


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