Thursday, March 22, 2012


WRECKÄR was formed by three crazy musicians in 2010. The band played a mixture of crusty & thrash metal in vein of Venom, Motorhead, Misfits, etc. The interesting fact, they did it with dual bass attack and drums. No guitar is needed here. Check 'em out!
Get it from Faithcraft Productions for RM10 (Post Laju ) or USD 10 or Euro10. To buy it using money transfer please contact us first: +60164757931. Get our cd and official water-proof sticker (while stock lasts) with special price RM20 (including post and packaging. Cd will be sent without jewel cases).

Release on March 2012

Bank account: 0901 0010048495 - Bank Islam (Faithcraft Productions)


Metal Sangap said...

kalau ini kaver bikin ts warna putih boleh jalan nie..

Faithcraft said...

Rasanya boleh. kena tgk modai dulu. Kot Metal Porn nak keluarkan no hal... hehehehe!