Thursday, December 23, 2010

KHEROW "Bintang Timoer"

The long awaited debut album from Borneo’s notorious rock metallers is finally unleashed. The band strives into domain of progressive rock yet continues to crush with lethal firepower. Let's us hear what their frontman, Afdzal Salimi has to say about their changes and the album;

First, let us know, how come your debut album has been delayed for s long? We reformed the band in 2007 with the new line up. So its took a while for us to adapt with new environment.

How is Sarawakian metal scene these days? I haven’t seen any new product from there for quite some time except Militant Attack and Voltan. Are you guys lazy to compose and record new songs but just gigging out there? Sarawak scene are getting better and stonger. the band are quit busy with other comittment. everyone in the band has a steady job but we managed to complete Bintang Timoer project.
Why did you simply put the title of your debut as “Bintang Timoer”? It is the title for the trax no 8 and the lyric was created by Kherow's ex member Mr. Iman, and we decided to put it as a title of the album.

If listened to your old sounds, one might noticed that there is a huge changes in Kherow. From sounds to conception. Why? Did the ex-members of Kherow happy with it? And since you the only original member/ founder left in Kherow. How to see the new member’s contribution towards the new dimension of Kherow? I love to play more rock n roll element, so u might see another transformation, hahahah... and for the old members, we still hang around together and they give me their full support, and same goes to the current members.

How come the idea to have a female vocalist? She's the best candidate back in 2007 when we started to composed..
For those who longing to hear how your debut going to sound like. Please describe it in words? Rock =====> Metal

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