Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I did this painting way back in 2003 and it was the 2nd time I'm using watercolours. The first one was the painting for KREMATION debut album. This is my imaginations on how Jack The Ripper or Jack The Knife looks like in his prime days of killing.

A4 size with frame.

The price is RM80 or USD50 including postage.


I drew this in 2002, as I admired the artwork of DIO "Killing The Dragon" so much. To me, the visual portrays a group of people dethroned the supreme power that oppress them. It got much power and meaning behind it. This work was done using pencil totally. The size is A4 and sold with frame.

The price is RM 80 or USD50 ( including postage)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The second generation of Borneo's Black Death Metal KHEROW has signed up to Faithcraft Productions for their long awaited debut album. Kherow has walked away from their old images towards the new direction musically. The melodic elements still remain vital in their arrangements yet they never limit the senses of brutality and extremity. KHEROW in words are progressive, exotical and cosmical.

For those who didn't know, they have existed since the early 2000 but split-up after they had released the first single demo in 2003. Rebirth in 2007 with new line-up, while only Afdzal the drummer is the only founder member's left. The cameback seems promising with series of successful gigs around their hometown, Kuching.

We in Faithcraft known Afdzal for as long as his band lives. A good friend, and we have spent lots of good moment in gigs, studios together. We strongly believe, Kherow going to unleash a very unique and fresh materials to glorify our extreme music movement.

They are currently in the studio for the final mixing process, engineered by Mantheravathee of HAYAGRIVA. If it went as planned the 8 tracks debut album will be entitle "Bintang Timoer" hellclusively!

The band also has confirmed their show in Jakarta this coming, 27th June 2010. Behold!

Visit their page here


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