The 2010 Mini-cd from Malaya’s most ruthless rock thrashers is finally unleashed. The band still continues on their tradition of murder and sadistic topics. Anthemic and heart-slashing riffs yet mystical in guitar solos and arrangements. Highly inspired by Pentagram, Judas Priest, Candlemass, Black Sabbath and Scorpions. This is the force of ultimate Thrash & Roll. The cd contained with 6 songs:

1. Disqualified To Be Human
2. The Life I Choose
3. The Devil I Called Father
4. A Love To Kill
5. The Games Girls Play
6. Hanzar

Get it from Faithcraft Productions for RM15 (Post Laju ) or USD 12 or Euro10. To buy it using money transfer please contact us first: +60164757931. Get our cd and official t-shirt with special price RM35 (including post and packaging).

You can also get this from Satanica Productions (New Zealand).


coconutgrinder said…
aku mau cd ja...baju aku beli kat bundle hang tlg print bole ka? brapa dek?
Faithcraft said…
Buleh... aku sms hang nanti.
wanwarlock said…
rammy, aku nak cd+ts, hg pos ke nz bleh ka aku nak kena beli kat xatanica jugak?
Faithcraft said…
Buleh..buleh laa. Damn. makan modai no..hahaha!