Monday, October 12, 2009


owThe recording for all lead guitars begun last night. I must say, this is our best works so far. I definately satisfied with all the 6 songs we worked for this whole year. Thanks to Yen, for helping me out even his schedule was tigh with his volley ball team, job, kids and wife. This new mini-album would never complete without him. To me, Yen was the best guitarist I’ve ever worked with. He’s an excellent guitar player into Scandinivian Black Metal so much. Only the tunes from Marduk or Mayhem can satisfy this beast.

The good things about Yen, he only guy understood what I wanted in my music. He can appreciate my control in the band and his attitude is the best. HE never interested in playing with other bands. Even if I’m not around, he rather not playing guitar at all than to play with other bands. That’s what I truly admire about him.

Looking back in time, we both formed The Ravens ( Black/Thrash Metal band) back in 1999 and now we still together with Au Revoir, which is 10 years now. We’re innocent, unskilled musicians when we first touched our instruments of choice. I remember Boy Rahim, I remember Wanwarlock, I remember Diken, I remember Ijan, I remember Ciwi, I remember all of us drove in Wanwarlock's mini car to M.A Studio. Damn! Ciwi came to my studio just a few minutes ago, and he’s the first guy I give the chance to listen to the new songs. HE was like... Wow! ( like usual!). Ciwi is the most supportive friend we ever had, everything we do ( whether good or bad) he will always say it ‘great’. Back in those old days, Ciwi even paid to watch us play. I am happy he’s still loves our works till these days.
Well, the new mcd will be released on January 2010. Contains with 6 songs, of fucking heavy metal. During the period of this recording, I’m mostly listening and get inspired by Pentagram, Candlemass, Judas Priest, Turbo (Poland), and Black Sabbath. I guess, I go for arrangement this time rather than complex riffs or aggression. But don’t worry, I never get sentimental. It is heavy as fuck and dark as the night!

About the lyrics, what I can say, I’m into John Dunning stuffs, who wrote over a thousand account of true crime. A mixture of sorcery, satanism, sadism, and religious subject as well.
So I just hope you all gonna get this mcd when it’s out, coz I’m sure we are going to take a break for a long period after this album been released. But I promise, this new mini cd going to stab you deep in the heart!
Click here to watch our recording session.

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