Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today I wanna tell you a story about how I agreed to do an artworks for Storming Steels and Hellwitch split cd. I known Fufu (or known as Witch Hunter ) of Storming Steels for about 10 years now. We have been working together in the same factory in our ‘darkest’ era. He formed this Thrash/Power metal band Storming Steels in 2007, and I was very happy with his commitment and waiting for their record impatiently. When they entered Retrex studio to record their material for the first time, I’m honored to give them some advises and tips. On those days, I was working in Bedong, Kedah.

Nostalgic. We were both harsh labours ten years ago

So, Fufu kept asking me to do the front cover artwork for the debut album. I told him, that I’m busy. He wanted an old school feeling something like Iron Maiden or Destruction cover, but he wanted the line-up to be cartoonized. So, one night in about 2-3 hours, I did it. Together with their band’s logo.

Few months later, Fufu came to me told, they cancelled the debut album, but wanted to released them as split cd with US, Hellwitch. I was great news. But I think, it is better for them to release a debut album on their own first. Then they can use Hellwitch fame to release a split cd. But Fufu told me, his vocalist really wanted to release this with Hellwitch desperately. So be it....
Then I have to alter my artwork but adding Hellwitch personels in it. I computerized it, so it became how it looks on the cd. Gladly, the bands and the label like it. It was the first of it kind in Malaysia anyway.

With the release of this product, I begin to write with Pat Ranieri (vocalist & guitarist) of Hellwitch. A very friendly guy who still into tapes and cd trading. He is also kind enough to sent me some unreleased and advance tracks of Hellwitch which I appreciated so much. But amongst the best stuffs I got from him is this gig poster from 1986. They’re one of the opening acts for Morbid Angel gig along with Massacre, Obliviom and others. Just look at the hand-written logos!! The is pure old school!

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