Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PAINTING: NUNSLAUGHTER “ Unholy Hell” 7 inc vinyl

When Basement Records asked me to draw a front and back cover for Nunslaughter limited series vinyl. I am more than happy. It is because I am a big fan of this conservative band. For many years they has remained loyal to the underground scene, challenge themselves to be not progress like other bands. They are definitely one of the best Black/Thrash metal ever come out from USA.

The vinyl was released on 2008 contained 6 tracks that previously released as split with Dreketa titled “Evil Dreams” which they recorded in Bedroom Studio on August 1999 and with Grand Belial’s Key titled “ Satan Is Metals Master ” recorded in Harsh Reality Studio on May 2000. As bonus there is the mighty Venom covers song called “Hellchild”.

This release was limited to 30 copies only and comes with poster and also t-shirt. Due to lots of demand for more Nunslaughter vinyl. Basement records again offer me to do the artwork for Unholy Hell series no.1 to 5. It schedule to be release in 2010. So, be sure you don’t miss this once again. I think pre-order is available through Basement Records.

By:- Rammy
Click here to watch my drawing skills

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