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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Kaamos

Death Metal Darkness: the phase that is meaningless without band such KAAMOS, especially in Sweden where melody reigns supreme. I have known Kaamos since 1999 and I have them interviewed in my issue # 6 while their debut promo ’99 remained as one of my favorite tape till today. Here I summon Konstantin to chat about the past and present blasphemy...

How’s life today? With “Lucifer Rising” album, I guess you guys are so busy with many many live shows, right?
Hells Rammy! It’s ok today. We are not that busy with live shows right now since quite a lot of them have been executed already. But there’s still a few coming up.

“Lucifer Rising” is out late from the schedule it supposed to. Why? So, do you satisfied with the result of the new recording? In what way did you seen the band has improved? Anyway, why “Lucifer Rising” is the title?
The reason Lucifer Rising was so delayed is because of Candlelight release schedule. That plus that they were establishing their US office delayed not only our release but quite few. Yes we are very satisfied with the recording. We had a very clear vision of how we wanted the result actually surprised me. I’d say that we’ve improved as a band and not as singulair musicians. Afterall, Kaamos is a band that has one vision so we have concentrated on developing as an entity. We choose the name “Lucifer Rising” due to several reasons. First of all it refers to an age that in the East is called Kali Yuga. Secondly it is a movie done by Kenneth Anger that has inspired me extremely much. And the lyrics deal with themes that are consistent with the idea of the Left Hand Path.

Tell me more about the new recording, about the enviroment that Kaamos felt comfortable with? How about things that you think you’re lucky to knew it and you won’t repeat or use it again in the future? Is there any?
We recorded this one in Berno Studio that has a respectable history when it comes to extreme metal. And classical bands like Grostesque, Seance, etc have recorded there. Also this is the only studio in Sweden, as far as I know, that still has the possibility of recording analogues. Which is very important for us. We are not really comfortable in studio enviroments due to that they most of the time have a very sterile enviroment. And you dissect the songs so you only get frustrated with them in the end. But being in Berno this was never an issue. And we will definately use it again if it is possible.

Ok, from your previous so-superb cd “Curse Of Aeons”. Does it still fits to what Kaamos are today? I guess, in Sweden all the so-called death metal bands couldn’t reach your level of brutality!
Yezzzz! Kaamos is and will always be about DEATH metal. We of course develop but since we feel that we control the way that a band develops our aim is to dive and penetrate deeper into the darkness that should be the trademark of genuine death metal and black metal.

Do you dare to break the shell like what Samael, Satyricon, Behemoth, Myrkskog have done? What do you think about bands that incorporated metal with other elements which sometime seems didn’t fit at all?
I do not mind if people/bands implement non-traditional element into a genre. But one has to do it with class. For example as Celtic Frost did with female vocals, Morbid Angel with keyboards, etc. But I do not endorse it for the sake of ‘evolution’. That’s just a fucking lame excuse for wanting to change style. It should add and express idea. Kaamos has so far never used it and I don’t know if we will. But if we do it, it will be very moderate that’s for sure.

So what is the thing that we still kept in ug world? What is UG to you? What is commercial and entertainment? I really don’t care any of these, what I care is ‘true’ music, right? But let’s talk about this a little...
Hmmm... I’d say that UG is when you can go to another country and do gigs without the involvment of managers and bookers. When the organizers are so dedicated to the music that they do all to get you there. And when the focus is the spirit of the genre. Not the money, the ‘fame’ or whatever other glossy shit that certain people strive for.

Did Kaamos really care for serious lyrics? I means, Death Metal or Grind metal bands usually never care much about what they’re screaming for. Some nasty words will do just fine... anyway, tell me 5 of the best lyrics that touched your soul...
Kaamos definately cares and uses serious lyrics. I am of the opinion that the lyrics is half of the song. I know that I am rather alone with this perspective. But nonetheless, I do not believe you touch something primal with death metal song that expresses a care for ‘saving the whales’ mentality. There is a genre for that, and it ain’t DEATH metal. The 5 lyrics that come to mind for time being is, Vision From The Darkside (Morbid Angel), Chaos Breed and Crawl (Entombed), In The Shadow Of The Horns (Darkthrone), Deicide (Deicide).

Let’s talk about the cover. There is ‘medieval’ feelings in it. A very great artwork for a great band! What do you think about it?
I think that the cover suits perfectly with the title and is a very good visual representation of what Kaamos is about. If you don’t know Kaamos and see the cover I think you know what you expect. It is based on Atu 15 of the Tarot, namely The Devil. We used this idea and asked the artist to redraw the card with symbolism and aspects that are coherent with LHP ideals.

Personally do you think Kaamos music can give harm to kids or public in general? Hehehe.
Let’s hope so!

I ask you something different now. Which is the best muder cases that happened in this year? Which is the most interesting crime cases to you?
Hmmm, I am not that much into crime. The only thing I’ve noticed lately, at least for Sweden is that it is escalating. But tsunami was a nice surprise. But that is not really crime.

Are you satisfied with Candlelight Productions? Will they be sending Kaamos over here for some gigs?
Mostly yes. However Kaamos are not going to Malaysia that I am pretty certain of. But I doubt there are many bands from abroad that come there. It’s pretty hard (read impossible) for bands to travel there for gigs.

Last words to our readers?
Nox est Lvx!

Taken from issue # 11 (September 2006)
By - Raimi
See Kaamos live here

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