Saturday, August 1, 2009

IN STUDIO: Blackfire latest recording

30th July 2009, woke up late this day, still feeling headache from bus ride last night.( damn! with hypertension and overweight body, really make me feel old )At 6.40 pm I took Ex motorcycle went to meet miss Madelina Onong in PJ to give Au Revoir t-shirt she ordered to me since the last two month. Miss Onong is addicted to Char Koe teaw, so it is easy to me to seduce by taking her roaming down town and brought her to fine Char Koteaw stall in Wangsa Maju.

After sending Miss Onong back home at 10.30pm, I went straight to SS15 Subang Jaya and waited for Azmi. He reached the studio with his son at 11.30 pm. So without wasting anymore of precious time we headed off to recording matter. Some of you might still asking, did we working on new songs? Okay, this is the story. We had this offer coming from German label to record a crisscross tribute to SABBAT and BLACKFIRE. It is really difficult to us to decide whether we should go for it. Some of our close friends tell us not to do it, as they knew we never listened to any Sabbat songs. We only know them from the magazines. The same goes to me, I never got any of their materials but I saw them live in Singapore on May 2007 as I performed with Devastator, one of the opening acts. From what I experienced, Sabbat worshipped Venom and they’re very much into everything - the images, the music, the lyric.

Some other friends told us that it will become the most - unique tribute album ever released. And they gave us this simple and strong reason. Sabbat and Blackfire is the first of their kind from Japan to Malaysia. Both deserve a respect and salutations each others.

So we say YES. So did Sabbat. The vinyl should be out in September this year, but due to Sabbat got so many live shows coming out from Europe. They postponed the release till the early next year. Honestly, we seek their mp3 in the net and begin our works. One of the reasons why I personally agreed to do this recording, probably because I can’t see how we can continue to work as a band anymore. Seriously, maybe this would be the last product of Blackfire… who knows….

Back to the recording, we had fun doing recording this time. So does the engineer Mr. Meng. I never seen Meng laughed so much before. Recalling back my first work in Standing Wave Studio 4 years back there aren’t many metal bands record their material here except those modern rock bands. And I remember, it was Borhan of Osmantikos (Hardcore Punk) that keeps on suggesting me that studio after he recorded their debut material over here. Meng also was a fulltime sound engineer on those days, but now he only doing recording by nighttime.

For those whom might wonder, I should tell you we have this great harsh and dirty guitar sounding this time, since I’m the one who played everything. So, pull up the volume and expect the good old school feeling we possess!!!!

To watch our recording session click here


Contramen said...

mau rekod lagu Sabda Baginda dengan bubuh lagu tg rekod ni rilis EP..

King_Of_Thorns Pray said...

ni.... bila rilis?

Faith Craft said...

Berkubur... hanya untuk koleksi peribadi memandangkan ada masalah produksi.


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