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DARK LEGIONS MAGAZINE: Interview With Kremation

One of the most destructive force from the land where warriors would hunt for their prey’s head had release their EP “Reborn”. This is the band which doesn’t need introduction as they are the kings of death metal in Borneo island. The Legions managed to get hold with their spokes person Nasth Sheir and this is what he says...

How’s the going now for Kremation, any line-up changes? I was wondering who was playing drums on your “Reborn” EP? Mind telling me your extreme musical background?
Right now, we are working for our upcoming release which was recorded at Lelengau Digital Studio in Sibu. No line-up changes at the moment but for the LP recording we make it without Rithman (G/K) coz he is still has a few contracts to play at night clubs in Kuala Lumpur. So, we invited our friend who will handle on the solo guitar tracks only. The drummer who is working with us on “Reborn” EP was Mr. Machine. What I mean is... we used MC-50 for the drum tracks becoz we couldn’t find a drummer who could play our song, we even use it in our coming LP which will be out soon! You said ‘extreme’? I don’t think so. Actually it is simply death metal.

Are you satisfied with your “Reborn” EP? Can you tell us more about the EP?
Yes, for the moment... hehe. As you know, the recording of the EP was our first experience. So, of coz there is a lot of things that we didn’t know especially some of the equipment at the recording studio which we never used before or in other words, lack of experience just sums it up! So, we just followed what our main technician (Yazid) suggests whether this or that equipment was good enough for us or not. We worked together and tried to make something different. Kremation doesn’t want to follow other Sarawakian band’s style even we from the same land. So far, Alhamdulilah and REBORN was the result of it. The responses was more than great, especially in Asia but not in USA. USA people said that our EP’s music concept was too soft but who cares!!! I don’t give a damn! You know, we have to create our own idea to compose whatever concept/music style we want to do. So, that is the way we want it to be and of course, we did it for ourselves. We never force anyone to love our songs. Anyway, thanx to those who understand and keep on supporting us, we really appreciate it. And we are also proud to tell you that majority of our EP had positive/good reviews even we didn’t make it a big promotion on it.

Well, it is the first time I’ve heard the recording from “Irama’s Studio”. I must say the production tone by Yazid (Blackfire) makes “Reborn” sounds so heavy and fresh at the same time.
Really? For your info, we are the first band Irama Studio chose for Metal project. The big boss of the studio was really shock when he heard our songs! He thought that our music was something like XPDC or other rock bands. So, can you imagine how his face looked after hearing to Death Metal music. He he he.. of course worried like hell wooo!!! The sound check of EP was done by ourselves. As I told you, Yazid was just teaching and showing us how to operate some equipment which we were not familiar with.

Does Yazid know about the reformation of the legendary Blackfire? They got new guitarist now...
Yes, we had already told him about it.

How’s the deal with Nebiula Production?
It was simple deal. We asked them to help us to distribute our EP for the Malaysia market only, just like that.
What are the bands that influenced your sonority?
Actually, I’m not sure about my band’s main influence but I love Slayer, Deicide, King Diamond, Suffocation, Death, the ‘old’ Helloween, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, James Murphy, Cassopia (jazz rules!), Bob Marley and lots more. You will not believe it if I say I had an idea to compose “The Land to Nowhere” after listening to “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley. You know, I always preffered any kind of music when I start to write the song as for my preference, I mean how they create their music. I believe the combination from other elements of music will create something different. Do you understand what I mean?

Yes. I can sense some black metal parts in “ Reborn”, especially in vocals and lyrics. What do you say?
That what I’ve told you earlier, about the combination from other elements like heavy/ black/ melodic/ aggressive/ rock/ blues and so on. Our vocals tracks was more into Black metal style but we talked about sin, suffercation, punishment, death and life in our lyrics.

I know Kremation is currently working on a new material “The Curse Of Headhunter”. Tell me more about the new devastating opus? From the title, I can say that you are into local legends and myths.
Well, what can I say? It’s full of melodious sound with simple running powerchords and heavy riffs. We also use our traditional instrumen called “Sape”, even the lyrics was more about the history and fantasy of Sarawak legends.

Well, “The Curse Of Headhunter” will be under?
North Poem Records.

What do you think about the history of Sarawakian cannibalism and Black magic? There is one of the songs in “Reborn” which you sang in Bahasa Melayu, right? Tell me something about it?
Hello, excuse me, I would like to make a correction. There was no ‘cannibalism’ in Sarawak. They fight and kill someone or each other because they want to get a title as ‘warrior’. It also happened to a man who decided to get married with the girl, whom he loved. So, he has to get a head and show it to the father-in-law as a proof that he can take care or be respossible for his daughter. Head was a symbol of power. They didn’t kill and bring back victims for cooking curry or soup. They kill for the head, that’s what they really want! Sorry, I lack the knowledge about Sarawakian’s Black Magic because nowadays there’s only a few communities who still practise black magic. And from what I know, Sarawakian’s black magick is totally damn brutal, horrific, mystic and inhumane which you should never use (even think about it)!. The song that we sang in Bahasa Melayu was “Blackwar Dreamer”. It was about what we call as “Hari Perhitungan/Pembalasan”.

Kremation is taking part in “Salutant To King” (A Tribute To Sil Khannaz) cd, you will do a cover song “Eastern Barbaric Skullcrusher”, right? That was, brillant as ever from Sil Khannaz!
Yes, I hope it will also be a brilliant tribute which Kremation will cover..hehehe.Which are the best current Death and Black Metal acts in your opinion?Death, Dissection, Sardotical Scoundrel, Deciede, Suffocation, Nagflar, Abigor, Acturus and Sorath.

What do you think about death metal bands which are too romantic nowadays like Dark Tranquility? Do you think those traditional elements like satanism and darkness is getting lost and forgotten?
He he he.. do you know our LP “The Curse Of Headhunter” is more romantic than Dark Tranquility? As I told you just now, we do what we believe in.. it’s our concept. If you think all this is not right for you, why don’t you just forget about them? The scene still have thousand of you out there...

Back to “Reborn” EP, is there any meaning behind the cover sleeve? Don’t you want to work out some old-taste cover for your upcoming material just like ol’ good Kreator, Sodom, Slayer or Iron Maiden?

The good thing about this new millenium are the coming back of the true quality of Heavy Metal and Death Metal, right?
Yeah!! Rightttt!! Even Death is back with their latest killer album.

All the best to you. Forever we will march under the banner of extreme metal.
He he he.. you’re right brother Rammy. Anyway, thanx for spending time with us in this interview. We appreciate your support. All the best to every metal hordes!

Interview by Rammy
Taken from Dark Legions magazine issue # 3 ( October 2000)

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