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DARK LEGIONS MAGAZINE: Interview With Sentenced

Only a few bands from the fruitful early 90’s death metal underground have managed to expand on their initial achievement and become something that is both admirable and esthetically satisfying to a wide range of listeners. Finland’s SENTENCED are one of those bands, constantly pushing their music and themselves as creative artists without losing the acceptance of the longtime fans. Drawing equally from musical pioneers such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to go with their early dark tendecies, Sentenced were always poised for something truly exceptional and ground-breaking. With seven releases and almost 10 years under their belts, Sentenced once again are set to release another dose of hard-hitting, sorrowful metal that grasps the breath of the listener with each song and passage. “Crimson” is the album to which depression finds a true home, and also one where hope can find a ray of light...

Hi! Hope you all are still in the same depressive and frozen mood?
Yes we are, except now it’s more like depressive and ‘crimson’ mood...

Great! You new album “Crimson” should be out by now, right? I’m still haven’t got the chance to listen to it yet as it’s still unreleased in Malaysian market. Aaargh! I can’t wait to hear it, please tell us something about “Crimson”?
“Crimson” is same SENTENCED as “Frozen”. So when you listen to Crimson you know which band it is...

Does “Crimson” is “Frozen” (part II), compared us the new album with “Frozen”?Does Sentenced still continues to write on topics like suicide, depression and low self-esteem?
Sounds are rougher that they are in “Frozen” and there’s more moods and feelings, more contrast between different part of the song. Lyrics are pretty much the same as they were in Frozen.

From what I’ve heard Crimson was recorded at various studios. Tell me the reasons for that? Any funny thing happen during the recording session?
Crimson was recorded in two studios and mixed in third one. Drums were recorded at ‘MD-studios’ in Helsinki, because Mr. Hiili Hiilesmaa, the guy who produced the album, felt that MD is better place for recording drums than ‘Tico Tico’ in Kemi. We did everything else in Tico Tico. Album was mixed at Finnwox studio in Helsinki.

The artworks on the cover done by Nicklas Sundin of Dark Tranquility, right?
That’s true. Our manager recommended him ‘cause he tought taht he’s the man for the job and he was right. We are really satisfied for Niklas’s work.

Ville also wrote some songs in Crimson. I love his songs in Frozen like “Farewell” and “One With Misery”. Well, is he really a perfect blood to Sentenced?
Mr. Laihiala fits in the band like fist on your forehead... he wrote some songs in Crimson and those songs are as great as the ones he wrote in Frozen. You will know when you hear those songs...

Personally, what do you think about suicidal matter? Is it necessary action when you in deep depression?
This whole suicide thing with us that we write songs that tell about killing yourself etc only because it helps a lot to put these thing on paper. We don’t want anybody to kill him/herself because we say so. It’s more like a therapeutic session for us, you know like killing yourself on paper and so on. I personally don’t recommend suicide to anybody. But if someone is willing to leave this world by own hand, then that is his decision.

Hem, the leap between your early releases is so huge like two different bands. So will you maintain the sound of Crimson for upcoming releases?
You’ll never know what future brings with it... we’ll see...

Thanks a lot for your time, when we’ll see you in Asia?
We don’t have any plans for coming to Asia, at least not yet, only European tour in September 2000.
Taken from Dark Legions magazine (issue #4 July 2001)
To watch a tribute video to Sentenced click here.

Interview by:- Rammy

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