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DARK LEGIONS MAGAZINE: Interview With Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson grew at time when guitar was the instrument of choice. He was influenced by guitar players such as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker and Billy Gibson and many more to be mentioned. Paul is an exceptional songwriter and guitar stylist equally at home with rock, funk, blues, jazz and pop and just about anything else that crosses his path. Let’s have a chat with one of Steve Vai’s first guitar student...

The medias and promotions nowadays must be betther and bigger compared to the old days of yours. Just look, I never expect to have an interview with you, it’s like a dream. How’s your life today?
Sure is it’s become a lot easier to get to your music to the fans quickly through the internet as fast as life are going great!
It’s great to hear, Liegelord returns on the road again. Liegelord still underground I must say.. just look, there has been more U/G promotions for liegelord beside the commercialized ones.
Liege Lord has always maintained a great relationship with the media which has helped keep us alive in the underground. Our reunion show at the Wacken Open Air metal fest in Germany helped as well in reintroducing the band to the masses.
That’s the great thing for this new millennium. The coming back of the real quality Heavy/Power metal and Death metal. I believe Liege Lord will return to the world not for making big money but to teach the children how to play the real power metal!
I thank you for that compliment that’s all we were trying to achieve by playing and recording the best metal we could.

Are you sharing this quotes with Manowar, “we are forever young” (laugh) I must say that Manowar are excellent in their metal attitude....
Yes. It’s great state of mind to be in!!!
I’m one of so many new fans of Liegelord, cause I only got the chance to hear to your immortal classic “Master Control”. So, I didn’t know much about your original singer, who sang on “Freedoms Rise” and “Burn To My Touch”. So, in what way, you see “Master Control” much more satisfying from the first two albums?
Master Control was more of a group effort Joe Comeau and I finally were able to contribute to the writting process with songs like “Feel The Blade”, “Broken Wasteland” and “Eye Of The Storm” plus the production of the Terry Date helped as well. The other 2 albums helped established the bands foothold it metal.

Would you like to be as big as Metallica or maybe Scorpions. Aaaarghh! Just don’t betray your die-hard fans please....
We’re happy with the type of respect we have built and mantained I think this has been the key of our longevity.

What do you think about the new MAIDEN’s “Brave New World” album?
Actually I’ve heard the cd and like it but I really dig Halfords new project.
Do you remember a power metal bands with satanic appearences in your old days beside IRON ANGEL from Germany?
Not many all the Satanic bands weren’t considered Power Metal.

So can you tell me more about Wacken Festivals? Tell me about the live condition in Europe compared to US. Thing that you never forgot in your past live-shows?
It’s was much more than I expected very well runs first class treatment all the way. And are German fans were amazingly supportive. It was estimated that a record 30’000 attended. We headline the August 4th show that night on the Party stage it was a blast. The fans were to say the least very reponsive that sang all our lyrics and air guitared every one of my guitar solos from the albums. It was very flattering we had no idea of the loyalty of our fans there they remembered everything.
You learned guitar from Steve Vai. I wonder, what are thing you hated most about Vai as a friend and as a teacher. Hehehe!
We met at Berley College of Music in Boston, we were both students. He was an excellent player even back then, the only problem was that his sight reading stunk! So we would get together and sight read music from saxophone books. After that he would show me some amazing stuffs like finger excersices, modal work and some chordal stuffs that I found out later was from his studies with Joe Satriani. And get this, the payment plan that we worked out was I would supply him a carton of cigarettes for every one hour lesson I took. I think I got the better end of the bargain. We become good friends but one thing is, he used to piss me off when he borrowed my amps without asking!

You should have beat him for that! Hahaha. Liegelord formed when metal still a very yound child. What do you expected to hear fromthe east that days? So nowadays what do you think about the country which is not too metal?
America is slowly get back into the metal world through the internet and various mother metal festivals. Power Mad 2001, March Metal Meltdown, etc but were are still nowhere near the mass appeal in surrounding countries.

Tell me more about your videos that you offered in Liegelord official website?
The video you mentioning are the bands official websities one is from a show at the famous club in NYC called Lamours there will be Wacken footage out soon, there are also Liegelord shirts sold there as well.

What have you been up to....
There is a lot of cool stuff going on at the moment. I just finished recording the guitar tracks for WWF World Federation Wrestling’s, new Football League, the XFL as well as 2 songs for Century Media record’s tribute album to Savatage and Uriah Heep due out this February... oh yeah and there is my web site and my solo album “LOOK” which is out now plus a new endorsement deal with ‘ernieball strings’.

Thank you very much. Last word to the readers?
Thank’s to all the fans for keeping it real LIEGE LORD is here to stay!!

Taken from Dark Legions magazine (issue #4 July 2001)

Interview by:- Raimi

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