Friday, May 15, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Wolfbrigade

Just shut up. This is one of the best band out of their genre. I’m in touch with Dadde Stark of WOLFBRIGADE asking if all day is Hell?....

How’s life today?
It’s ok, I’m hungover today. I saw Rollings band playing Black Flag covers yesterday. It was fun.

Tell us why did you changed your monicker to Wolfbrigade? Any news updates other than that?
Because of rightwing organization called Wolfpack. We didn’t want to be mixed up with them. And also the fact that we had Micke instead of Jonsson on vocals contributed to the name change.

If I’m not wrong, you are just finished touring with Deeds Of Flesh, Centinex, Centurian, Disgorge, etc. Fuck The Commerce festival? So, how it was to play alongside with those metal monsters?
In 2002, a couple of months before I joined the band, they played Fuck The Commerce. I don’t really know how it was, but my experience from metalbands is that most of them are kind of stupid. Good music in many ways ( I love Entombed and Satyricon ) but I would probably have a problem with their attitude.

Yeah! I hated rockshit attitute in mega bands too. For your info, I’m begin to searching for your cds just when I saw MARDUK’s drummer wearing your shirt. Haha! You think, did metal community in your area really loves Wolfbrigade?
I think many metalheads are into Wolfpack, but don’t know about the namechange and since we are on more DIY labels now than before, they don’t get hold of the records that good. You rarely see L-G Petrov sneeking around the local distro table . hehe. But I know the Marduk, Entombed and Centinex people are into us.

I personally think, even those glamrock punksters cannot wussing with you guys. You even sounded closer to Thrash metal. Am I right?
It’s true we have alot of metal influences in our music.

So, what do you think about the today’s world? What is your opinions towards war, slaughtering the innocence, conquering the weak country, etc?
It’s a sad world we live in, ever changing but no progress. We mark time but stand in the same place. I hate these power pigs over in the United States.

We all do. What is extreme music for you? Can you make your life by doing it? What is underground to you, did it still the same over the past few years?
I think we are more underground now then a couple of years back in time. When we were on Distortion you could find our records in ordinary record stores for prices that were shameless. Maybe we sold more back then, but on the other hand, Mats Bodenmalm @ Distortion is a rip off, so we never saw any money anyway. So the answer is no, we have never been able to live off our music. We all have jobs or are on welfare. Extreme music in itself isn’t importent for us, I appreciate the music from Foo Fighters as much as I do from Slayer.

Would you like to play in Asia? What do you think about the Eastern regions, especially from point of musically?We’d love to, there’s not many foriegn bands touring there, are they? I’d like to see a change in that. I don’t know many bands from Asia really, but I’d love to hear some.

That’s all. Any final message?
Thanks alot for the interview. Our new record “IN DARKNESS YOU FEEL NO REGRET” is out soon. Check for updates. Cheers!
Interview by:- Raimi

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