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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Lathebra

This is my first contact with Italian bands. Thanks Francesco for your supports and great answers.

Let me hear your first whispers?
Welcome to Lathebra’s universe...

Lathebra history and line-up? Any side-projects?
We started our activity in the first month of 1996, with the same actual line-up, that is me F.P on bass, G.Principle on vocals, B.Viliani on guitars, F.Geleno on guitars and piano and Rosero Memoli on drums. In september 1997 we recorded our first demo tape. It’s title “Angel’s Twilight Odes” and features 5 songs. After it’s released we took part to many compilation cd and tape and now we are writing new songs for a future release. As regards side project there are many other projects but Lathebra represents the only true form of the demo, of course critical expression we perform.

Tell me about your “Angel’s Twilight Odes” demo? Do you satisfied? How about the selling and responses? Is there anything Lathebra offers beside that demo tape?
We are satisfied about the result of the demo, of course the music presented in tape is quite old and so it’s not so much representative of which we are play now. However it’s good demo, great music, dramatic melodies, poetic shades, in few words it’s opus of our essense. About the selling and responses I can say that at the moment, 1 year after it’s release we have sold more than 800 copies, there have been many good reviews, and many interviews from all over the world, from Europe to USA, from South Africa to your land in Asia. So I can admit to be very satisfied about how people accepted our demo.

What kind of music Lathebra really plays? Described your sound to us?
I don’t think our music can be considered only Doom, Black, Dark or any other kind of music. Probably we play what we feel and that the motivation that our music has no limits, no experiments. We create art, penumbred art of most sensitive levels.

Now, tell me about your lyrics, about the story behind all of your songs? Why choose that items and do you think traditional satanic themes are lost and forgotten nowadays?
Our singer is the main writer of our lyrics, only the song “Benighted Embrace” has been writen by me, however I and G. Principle write the lyrical approach of the band. Behind each single songs, each single word there are our lives, our experiences, our mental and mystical trips, so interesting and above all that could help him/her to reflect on his/her innermost essense. As regards the band which use satanic lyrics, they get my total respect and appreciation if it fit their own way to express their feelings and passions, but it’s simply not our style. We prefer to talk about ourselves, our darkside, not to talk about satanic topics. I’m my only GOD, so I can’t reserve my lyrics to any other entity.

Let’s talk about cover. Who came out with the pictures? Motive?
I find that photo in a magazine and simply I found it totally fitting with what we wanted to represent with our band, our music, our lyrics. I think it’s a great photo.

What does Lathebra means? Why choose it?
Lathebra is an archive Italian word and it means ( or better symbolised) a dark and mysterious place. I think it represent our universe, so you can understand why we decided to name our band with this word.

How about Italian metal scene nowadays? Introduce us some good bands and how about the old timers?
As regard, the old timer you surely know our greatest bands that are, Death SS, Bulldozer, Necrodeth, Mortuary Drape, Necromass, Sadist, etc. The newer promises? Surely Crown Of Autumn, probably Angryon, Midgard, Art Inferno, Aborym and I hope Lathebra!

Tell me about Vamparia zine progression?
Well, Vamparia is my bleeding adventure, a passion that is birth in 1995, and that is arrived to it’s third issue, with the aim to know better the person who were involved in this kind of art. It gives me great satisfaction and at the moment it continues to give me great emotion to recieve comment, interview, simple compliments all around the world.

Done any gig lately? Hey! I wonder how Lathebra playing live?
We play only 4 times till now, but I’ve to admits that it is not our main aim to play live.

After hearing to some of Malaysian bands. What is your opinion about Eastern Metal scene?
Honestly, I know a few bands who deserve a real attention from your lands. I know Impiety from Singapore, Sigh from Japan (great stuffs), Aradiath and Langsuir from Malaysia, but some days ago arrived to my hands a good demo from a band called Hayagriva from your country and probably it’s the best Eastern Metal band I’ve listen to. I have good contact in Malaysia so I want to send my darkest greeting to Kaprikonus Dist, and above all to Shahrizwan from Random zine. You rule!

Lathebra future plans, any new composition?
At the moment we are simply working on new songs that seem darker, more mystic and observer than the stuff of “Angel...” I didn’t know if we’ll succeed to record something before summer but it’s our principle aim.

Your very last words to our readers?
Thank you for the interview. Check out our demo and find yourself in the darkness of Lathebra’s penumbral art.

Taken from issue # 5 ( March 1999)
Interview by:- Raimi

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