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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Surrender Of Divinity

It is already known to all, that SURRENDER OF DIVINITY is new sadistic and violent beasts coming from the depth of paradise’s brothel, Thailand. Their highly acclaimed debut album “Oriental Hell Rhythmics” crushed the international underground scene by fire and thunder, gaining outstanding reviews from all major metal magazines. Just for example, Sound Of Death magazine (USA) give them full marks. They are just returning from ritualistic gig supporting the ineffable Kings Of Darkness, DARK FUNERAL (Sweden) in Singapore, as part of their Asian tour. I’m in touch with Whathayakorn to know what the new happening in their camp....

Hail there! How’s life today?
Christfucking war hailz Hell-bro, life is fucking busy at the moment, preparing the Black Mass and setting the head of Christ to sacrifice for Satan.

Your bassist left the band now. What is the problems. How it was for your vocalist Ekaluxx moving to bass and doing the vocals at the same time. Is he comfortable with it?
Avaejee, our bassist left the band because he had so many problems with his personal life. Yes, Ekaluxx is handle on both Black Vomits, and Bass War-Thunder now. I admit that he have some problems for doing this in the first time, since he didn’t used to doing this. But everything is just perfect now. We feel much better to be 3 demonic pieces band at the moment. And we had destroyed 4 stages as the 3 demons till now, and all went great. So we’ll continue to reign proud as a 3 demonic horde from the deepest pits of SIAM.

Kings Of Siamese Black Metal. Yeah! That’s a suitable title for your band. Being through all the hardship and now you have gained respects from all nations. Do you think you’re even more popular now? If I’m not wrong SOD also appeared in Thai’s TV shows, right?
Thanks for your kind words, we just don’t really care about being famous/popular at all. We’re still just the same band who just wanted to play the truest BM for Satan since the early ’96 when we released a first promo tape. Our unholy strong underground attitude will never change. I think that the band is more well known now, because of our hard works and the good promotion of the label. Hell, I don’t think we used to be appeared in TV shows here, where did you get that news from? We just only appeared in the front cover of some major metal magazine here only.

My friend from Thai told me about that. Maybe, he was wrong. Ok, I think there’s no problems with your Anti-Christian and extreme philosophy in Thailand. That’s the great thing about your country, you can wears inverted cross, playing heaviest music, fucking a whores, enjoying pornos, buy a gun without care of anyones...
HAHAHAHA!!! Thailand is not Hell, bro!! I agreed that here is much more freedom living compared to your country and Singapore. And yes, I can wears inverted crosses, bullets belts and walking on the street without any problem. No one here shall give a fuck about that. Anyway, I don’t think you can easily buy a gun here, but to buy a sword, axe, or long knife, I can simply go to a place only 5 minutes away from my house to buy some of these shit for you now. Yes, this is the land of Satan!!!

Anyway, don;t you feels insecure living in your country from point of economical and social. Do you ever got any threat from Christian organizations over there?
Hell, we have got a bit trouble with some Christian organizations here as well. Some of these shitheads sent me a few letters cursing, damning us a lot. However, we just sent them a letter in return with inverted crucifix without head, plus pig blood all over this fallen icon. Till now I have never heard anything new from them again. It’s fucking funny, these dumb asses are just pure rubbish and fucking cowardice!!!

So, will you continues with the same lyrics on fistfucking the Christian faith?
Sure, we shall keep desecrating the lamb of Jesus Cunt and all religion faiths out there till our last breathes. The hellish lyrics for the new assault will definately be continue to worshiped our mightiest lord below, and pure Christ-torturing to the bone. In fact, it will be even much more evil, blasphemous than the lyrics in “Oriental Hell Rhythmics”.

So, you’re working on new songs lately? What can we expect from song writting to sound quality?
Yes, we have 3-4 new satanic assaults completed now, I’d say all of our new satanic blasphemies are much more brutal, evil and faster 666 kms/hour. Regarding the sound of our new full-length satanic onslaught, it will be fucking raw as hell, powerful and brutal to the bone. It will definately be done with pure hatred and holocaust, just way of the true BM was meant to be. So bro, expect nothing but one of the most brutal BM albums from our new Christ-beheading war anthems.

Do you think the studio from Thai can produce good metal sounding? There’s Malaysian bands would like to record their album there, other than low costing and near to brothels, do you think the equipments and sound engineers were on the top form?
Yes, if we were talking about the equipments in itself only, then in Thailand we have a bunch of great professional studios, and the equipments is very top notch. Unfortunately, like most of S.E. Asian countries, finding good producers/sound engineers, who have many experiences with producing, engineering metal sound is something impossible. I’m not exactly sure, whether the cost of making an album here might cheaper than in your country, but I can say, you may need to pay RM15 000 or more for recording a full-length album in a top notch studio here.

What is melody to you?
It’s my infernal weapons for destroying, desecrating and fucking the lamps of all religions.

Who will handle your next assault? PSE again or bigger label? What do you think about PSE and a whole Malaysian metal scene personally?
As you might know that we has signed with PSE for a 2 album, so there’s an album left that we have to release through them. I knew Eric for many years now, and he’s still keep doing thing that he promised with us. So I don’t have anything to complain him at all. Well, I think Malaysian metal scene need much more new young blood Black/Death Metal horde recently, just to bring back the glorious days of the true underground metal in Malaysia. I’m not too sure, but I don’t think I have heard too much new promising hellhordes from there. So I’m really hope there’ll be more new true killer acts emerging from the pits of hell.

So you must aware that media and our goverment has attacked Malaysian metal community lately because of those satanic kids whose just begin to hear to Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. There are raids everywhere, and the scene has been slowing down. You opinions toward this?
Frankly, I think your goverment is completely stupid to ban metal there. It’s actually one of the most nonsense stories I have heard for ages. Keep fighting and bring the glorious ages of the true underground metal back to your land, brother.

You have been playing with the legendary Sodom twice. If I were you, that is one of my golden dream, man! So, how it feel to shared the same stage with them?
In fact, we only play iwth them once only. They played here 2 times, and we played with them in their 2nd show in Bangkok, also along with our eternal war-brothers; IMPIETY. Of course, we’re very proud having a chance to play with these legendary cult hordes. I’d say that I’m not a real fan for their last few albums. But their greatest onslaughts such as: “In The Sign Of Evil”, “Obssessed By Cruelty”, or “Agent Orange” etc are still sodomizing my soul till nowadays. Also it’s great that they played all their cult hymns in their 2 shows here. I’m not sure if there’s any possibility for them to play their 3rd times in Thailand.

And I’m also has seen you played in Malaysia for two times!! When will you gonna crush the stages again?
Hell, we’re fucking want to play there, bro! But because of that shit BM issue in your country, so we don’t know when we’re able to play there again. However, hopefully that problem will solve out soon. I can tell you that there’s a plan for us to go on S.E.Asian tour with war-goat brothers: The mighty IMPIETY in early next year. And we hope Malaysia can be one of the bill for the tour.

What bands are you listening to now? Do you ever think to record a cover songs as pay tribute to bands that you’re listening when you are younger?
Yes, we have a plan to record a cover attack for our 2nd Christfucking full-length for PSE. I can’t write you here the songs of which hordes that we’re gonna record, cos it’s not confirm now. Also we’re gonna record a 7”EP for the mighty LEGION OF DEATH RECORDS from France soon. This 7”EP should be unleashed in early 2003, and it will be featured 1 exclusive hell-hymn of the band that will never released anywhere else, even in our new full-length, plus a cover assault named “Anal Madonna” of the mighty IMPIETY, taken from their cult debut blasphemy “Asateerul Awaleen”. We’re very proud to cover this cult and killer hymn of the mightiest and the most blasphemous Hell-horde in Asia. Also the cover/HellArt of this 7”EP will be exclusively done by our war-sister: Ereshkigal. I must say it’s fucking blasphemous piece of infernal art of Satan ever! About which band/albums that I’m listening to now, I’d better leave you here my 10 favorite assaults, recently:

IMPIETY (sin)- Kaos Kommand 696
MORBOSIDAD (mex/usa) /INQUISITION (col/usa) - Invoking the majestic throne of Satan ‘split tape
DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Inquisitiors of Satan ‘LP
NECROFAGO (bra) – Desire for Blood ‘demo 87
NUCTERMERON (sin) – demo 88 & 90
DESTRUKTOR (aus) – Brutal Desecration 7”EP
GOAT VOMIT (gre) – Chapel OF the Wind Of Belial 7”EP
THE BEAST (bel) – Fixed By The Devil ‘Mcd
NECHBEYTH (sin) – promo 2001

That’s all for now. Last words to all the readers?
666 megatons of thanks and hailz Hell-brother for this hellish interview and for your unholy supporting to our hell-horde. All true close-minded BM hell-hordes out there, just prepare to be beheaded by our upcoming 7”EP and the 2nd full-length satanic onslaught. It’s gonna be one of the most brutal BM assault ever unleashed on earth!!!! Remember, Black Metal is only belong to Satan, not Odin, Nazi, nor other rubbish stupidities. Black till fucking death, horns up and eternal worship him.

Surrender Of Divinity, p.o box 161, Samsennai BKK 10400, Thailand

Interview by:- Rammy

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