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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Desaster

Back into those days when rock & roll rule supreme. I remember, how much I adore the SCORPIONS and these Germans was the only heaviest band I knew. As years passing by, I realized beside the admirable military machines inventories, Germany has became an arsenal for Thrash/Speed metal soldiers that put the entire world in great fears! When the explosive products like “Obssessed By Cruelty”, “Pleasure To Kill” and “Infernal Overkill” were released, we could saw the Thrash metal fever has taken the world by storm. And now, the new howister of doom, DESASTER is ready to terrorize the scene. I’m lucky to have their drummer, Tormentor answering to all my questions...

Hi Tormentor? How are you and the weather there? I guess, Desaster must be very busy preparing for battle in Bang Or Be Banged?
Hell-o brother in Metal!! I’m fine, a bit hangover from yesterday night but still fine. We had a Hellbangers Birthday Party and many beers were killed. The weather here is cold and it’s raining. Hopefully the weather in Malaysia is much better. Haha. Yes, we are very busy to write new songs for a new record. We hopefully can enter the recording studio in summer next year to show you more neck-breaking, dark ‘n’ evil metal. Also our first live-record is ready at the beginning of next year. We recorded this album at our show in Sao Paulo/Brazil in October. Watch out for this piece of chaotical massacre out on Mutilation Records.
Like I’m saying to you, “Hellfire Dominion” was my first introduction to Desaster. I found it interesting to know there’s a band that able to mixed modern style of Black Metal with the traditional German Power Metal in ultro-violent approaches. Can you briefly tell me about the life-line of Desaster since “A Touch Of Medieval Darkness” days...
You know, we play traditional Black Metal, what means we put together the great Speed/Thrash of the 80’s, the Death Metal of the 90’s, the aggression of some good Black Metal bands of the early 90’s and evil, dark and brutal lyrics. All that is Desaster’s music. We only write songs that we like and our inspiration are all bands we like. So maybe this is special Desaster mixture!! And if you listen to all our records you’ll see that we still become better and better but never went off this typical “red line”, what means that you can listen the first demo tape or the last album and you’ll ever hear that this records are from DESASTER!!

You also putting out “Tyrant Of The Netherworld” advance tape, right? Is it still available? Why still released tape? I mean, today’s bands already think it is a fossil....
Advance tape?? Yes?? Haha. I don’t know. We released “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” in 2000 and maybe you got a adv-tape only to make a review!! Haha!

I’m absolutely amazed with “Divine Blasphemies”. Desaster has gone to another stage of brutality. I think, Desaster has already reached their ultimate sound! Do you care about what the fans wanted to hear when you’re writting a new song or you just do what you feels..
Thank you very much! And yes, I agree that “Divine Blasphemies” is up to date our most brutal record. But I think we can go again one step further on the new record. We have untill now 2 new songs ready and played one of this new neck-breaker live in Brazil. You know we are a band, that loves their freedom and nobody of this fukkin’ world can say us how to write and arrange songs!! We do what we want. And a song is ready after WE say “Yes that’s it!!”. All songs are coming straight from our hearts and show a special part of birth for a new album.

Musicwise, I think your formula come by the word ‘catchy’. I means, it’s not too fast or technical yet still killer. Infernal managed to create a strong and effective riffs all the way. And I’m glad Sataniac improved alot with his vokills!. Are you conservative with your musical taste or you can accept some progressive aspects?
Haha. No, I don’t think so. We are not that good musicians to create progressive music. You know, we love straight forward music. Easy but effective riffs are the most important in Heavy Metal music I think. Bands like AC/DC and Motorhead, etc show how it must sound like!! You know, Heavy Metal like Thrash/ Death/ Black must be music like a fist in your face. And I think that’s what our music is. By the way, for me Infernal is one of the best guitar-player in his genre! He know how to write good riffs which sound like a little bit ‘old’ but have a fresh straight forward sounding! About Sataniac I would say that with his voice more brutality come in to Desaster. I like his voice much more than the old singer’s one! It’s more aggressive and violent! In my eyes, he’s the better singer!!!

“Beast Of Wrath And Victory” became my personal favorite track just after first listening. Tell me about the addition of Blumi from METAL INQUISITOR for guitar solos? How about Mille Petrozza? I wonder, how can he contribute his voices to blasphemous act like Desaster? He was rockstar, wasn’t he?
That’s great! You know we asked Blumi to do a solo to show the friendship between Metal Inquisitor and Desaster. I started with Blumi M.I some years ago and left the band after they got more offers for playing live. And there wasn’t enough time to play in both bands. But I’m still interested in their music and I love their debut album a lot. We also meet most every weekend in some pub’s or parties around to have some fun, drink beer and bang our fukkin’ heads together!! And Mille I meet several times on Open Airs in Germany. He’s a great guy and absolutely not a rockstar. Ok, he had done some mistakes like the last two albums before the last one, but hey man, he has recorded one of the most aggressive metal album ever!! “Pleasure To Kill” is still a killer album and one time on these festivals I asked him to sing some lines on our next record and he liked my idea, that’s the whole story.

Tormentor, I personally think you are the person that like to kept everything remains traditional (judging from your drumming..sorry if I’m wrong) but tell me about the personality beyond you and the rest of Desaster in normal life?
Haha. Ok, you must know, I’ve never had a real drum lesions or shit like that. I grow up with the band. And I think that’s one of the best reasons that Desaster sounds so unique. We all learned and still learn how to handle our instruments within the years. We are not perfect, but we are still metal-fans and that’s what make us strong. You know, more or less, all of us have a regular work what’s sometimes a problem to play some bigger tours or play a lot of shows in countries outside of Germany. But the way as it is we are really satisfied with and hope that everything will go this way. We also want to have enough time in our ‘private’ life for our girlfriends and going to parties or only went to bars and have drinks. We are also still metal fans who want to have some beers and that’s it!!

I’m sure all your youth days wasted for metal! What do you really miss from those days? It is a whole different scene today, right? Like if before bands only release a fucking tape and spread it around themselves, etc...
I think that’s one of the biggest problems of today’s scene. First everybody has the chance to release Cd’s from the beginning of the band. There is no growing up, learning the process, nothing. Demo-tapes are very important for a band. You know, I think that the 80’s were the best time for Heavy Metal, specially the harder way like thrash, death, black and hardcore (how metal was called back in time). Most of the best bands had their best times back in time. And also tons of great songs were written but, you know, it’s 2003 and Metal is still living! You can not turn back time but we can take the good things from the 80’s into the today’s metal scene. And make a mixture of old and new. That’s a good way I think. What’s better back in time, what’s better today. Fukk it!! You live now, so make the best out of it and show that Heavy Metal is still on the run! HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE!!! The biggest problem of today’s so called scene are the labels I think. You know, in my opinion only magazines, fanzines and the fans can say ‘this band is cult’, ‘this band is the band of the decade’, etc. Not this idiots from the labels. They can say that a band is technical perfect or this is a classical release, but if a band is good, killer or pure cult. No! This only can say fans and press. I hate this commerce-thinking. FUKK OFF WANKERS!!!

Does the word ‘honesty’ means something to you? How honest you with your music and underground generally?Underground in my opinion means to do a most of things by yourself. In our way we do most of all shirts by our self, all concerts, informations, questions, feedback and so on is answered by ourselves. All contacts for show outside of Germany were done by us. We like this work around playing our instruments, this is an other side of a band and shows how deep a band really is underground or not. Desaster is our life and we would give everything to the band to keep this piece of our hearts alive!!

I am also glad to see you guys still wearing leathers, denim, inverted cross, .. ya know, today’s metal more into jogging shoes, bermuda pants.. which is nit metal at all. Do you think image is important to us?
I think it’s much more than image, it’s a life-style! You know, I don’t wake up with bullet-belt on, but with out this I feel naked! Haha. But, I think everybody can do what they want. We like wearing all that things and it’s also a part of Desaster. We don’t care what others do, wear or say about us. BULLETS, SPIKES ‘N’ LEATHER. METALIZED BLOOD!!!

Your “Divine Blasphemies” has been re-released in Thailand by IN COFFIN PROD. I’m sure, you already got a lot of fans in the eastern regions. Why not come over here to play some shows? SODOM did it twice. Why not Desaster? But please come to Malaysia (I’m sure you will be surprise to see the metalheads here!) Thai is better for sex tourism...
Haha. Yes, Thailand is a good place to get some special “jobs” and also infected!! Hahaha. Anyway, yes, Sodom recorded also their last live-album down there, isn’t it?! The problem is first, that we don’t have that big contacts to Malaysia and Thailand. Also, if there’s somebody who want to do some shows for us, he must pay for the tickets etc. And most organizers can not pay the money in advance. But we’ll never give up. Hopefully one day we come to Malaysia and show you how a total Desaster looks and sounds like!!! Haha. Yes, In Coffin Prod has done a great job with the tape version of the “Divine Blasphemies” album. Hopefully he do also our upcoming releases!!!

Anything to say to our readers? Thanks and good luck for your tour and happy new fucking year!
Thanxx a lot my friend. I think enough is said. If there is somebody interested in our merchandises write to the address below. Watch our for our first live-record out on Mutilation Records next year and KEEP THE FLAME BURNING!! Hail to all who feel the same metalized blood pounding like we do!! BANG OR BE BANGED!!

Tormentor anno 2003

Desasterc/o; Infernal, Jahnstr. 76, 56218 Mulheim-K, Germany

Interview by:- Rammy


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