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IMPIETY have been walking through fire, blood and death for over past 10 years. They have fought many glorious battles in Asia and Europe with 4 full-length albums under their belts and amours. And it seem that the new “Paramount Evil” album is their most technical works up-to-date. The story of Impiety is full of controversy, line-up changes and hate campaigns, anyhow it unable to put them down to rest. Impiety is like unstoppable tsunami that raped and tore the planet apart. The man or beast behind Impiety still standing as constant reminder of the final apocalypse and I am proud to have him once again in this issue...

Interview by Raimi

First of all, tell me isn’t it tiring with your newly opened TOMEGATHERION store and your band? I wonder how did you managed to get the time for both? Where your basement actually is?
Both band and TOMEGATHERION are very much priority to me at the moment. Over the last few months I’ve also been doing various part time jobs because I need to save money before getting back to Mexico end of May. It’s a lot of hard work and a very hectic schedule that I lead but I’m in no position to complain because hard work keeps me going and needless to say running a metal store and band has become part of my life and that’s what I like to do best. Well it’s either before or after my work at TOMEGATHERION I will rehearse and manage the band. Jani my partner in crime works the later half of the evening whilst I work the earlier hours. We have great understanding over each other’s schedule besides working at the store. I hope to see you here one day Rammy! Get your ass down to Singapore for a vacation and come visit the infernal TO MEGATHERION metal kult!

Sure! If you can, tell me your method of working? You see.. all the other members are from Mexico. So, how does the song writting process running on? How often you guys rehearse for a week? Is there any problems? I’m agreed with the phase ‘there is no rest for the wicked’ now...
Well, take for instance the rehearsals and recording for Paramount Evil. I had prepared 7 songs and Antimo had contributed one. I sent the Mexican Militia all the guitars on cd-rom through the mail and they roughly tried to catch the riffs. Once they have the riffs, Oscar will put the drums to my instructions or to his choice of preference. When I got back to Mexico in June last year, we sat as a team to brainstorm and put the songs together very quickly. I also had all the lyrics prepared the same time and we would just rehearse everyday for 4 to 5 hours till we had all the songs tightly perfected. This May I am heading to Mexico to rehearse and possibly record 3 or 4 new songs for a brand new mini-album. This time Antimo and Eduardo will each contribute a song. So far we never had problems with rehearsals and even when I’m not in Mexico, the Mexican Militia will be rehearsing Impiety songs together with songs of HACAVITZ. Likewise, when I’m here alone, I’d be spending my time rehearsing independently on my own. That’s true, it’s No Rest For The Wicked!! Haha!

I’m sure Antimo, Eduardo and Oscar are the best Impiety line-up so far. Do you satisfied with their performances? I know, that you still in touch with some ex-Impiety, what are their reaction toward the new album?
Yes, they are very independent individuals and I need not remind them to rehearse coz they always do it without my telling them. They have that responsibility to upkeep and they do it well and without fail. I’m proud and honored to be working with them and having them in the force. We all think as a team and that’s important if we want to achieve our goals. Hell yeah, ex-members Dagoth, Abyydos, Demonomancer and also Fauzzt totally dig the two new records we’ve released.

Being ex-Osmose Prod terrorists, must be one of the important event in Impiety’s book as Osmose was once a legendary label in Black/Death metal world. I learned, they also have a problem with other bands under their wings. From what I read, they’re unhappy with your political views? Isn’t it? What made you shift to Agonia Records?
In the beginning, all seem fine but when the Kaos Kommand 696 album was released, everything became one skullfucking migraine! They made Impiety feel like a 20 cent whore actually. I got really tired of shitty and lame excuses coming from the label boss, Herve. First, it was empty promises about getting us contracted by either Metalysee or any independent tour agency. Before the signing of the deal with Osmose Productions, Herve assured me that it was confirmed he’d put us on an agency for touring. That never happened. Instead, after waiting for a year and getting lame excuses, he tells me it’s better to sit at home and record albums and earn from royalties rather than lose money touring. Secondly, their promotion office with that dickhead Nicolas in change kept sending me a ton of interviews but all without deadlines. He had no initiative to get deadlines from editors for me! He even told me to drop smaller magazines and just focus on major magazines. That is something I won’t and will never do! I treat all magazines fairly whether big or small. Even when I did their ‘most urgent’ interviews and sent it back 2 days later, they told me it was too late. I could not work systematically without deadlines and with a busy schedule, it sure was fucking me in the head. I left 60 interviews undone in 2003. I gave it all up because of their shitty working habits. Thirdly, the lyrics and text in the cd booklet of “Kaos Kommand 696” had a lot of Anti-Jewish sentiments. And Herve was lamenting to me that French authorities were on his ass about it. He said he had to censor the new press of “Kaos Kommand 696”. I told Herve directly that he should do his job by checking all lyrics and text before press time instead of pointing a finger to me when clearly it was his fault. Anyway, it totally disappointed me and I began to wonder wht the fuck an extreme label would be so concerned about lyrics or text. Fucking and blaspheming Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha seemed perfectly alright but what about Judaism and the Jewish swines? I immediately asked for a breach of contact to be signed releasing us from all ties with Osmose Productions. 

There are also a lot of speculations about your new lyrics in “Paramont Evil” album. Some said it is mindless violent words, some said your are promoting peace in sarcastic ways, some said you’re anti-Moslem, etc. Did politics finally gave affect to your life or you are just tired with all these wars lately?
I can see there are many stupid people out there to say it’s an album of mindless words or promoting peace? Any one with the right frame of intelligence knows that IMPIETY has created. Paramount Evil serves to glorify the evil of mankind over centuries of his long malevolent and destructive existence. Isn’t there the epilogue written by me inside the booklet ( which appears on the final page) giving you a rough synopsis on what the entire album is about? Yes, I am anti-religious and have been these long 15 years of my life. I am no hypocrite to my music. Paramount Evil is an album that is based on a very realistic down-to-earth concept. We all know Satan and god are all man created and that man himself is the ultimate weapon of evil. I wanted very much to write an album of such concept especially one still so extreme, dark, fast and very repulsive in subject. This is as real as it gets with music, since all songs are based on world history, past and present. Songs of this album deal with true accounts of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937 where Japanese raped and brutally decimated 300,000 chinese in just 6 weeks to the glorified impalations of Romanian warlord Vlad Tepes to the Jewish extermination of the second world war (Dr. Mangele) to the brutal reign of Emperor Trojan Decius. There is song “Sunset Detonation” that speaks about the countless suicide bombing in today’s world of terror... Paramount Evil unveils all!
Ok, out of music. Tell me what do you think about the situation in our world generally?
Generally I can’t be bothered with worldly affairs. Bastards politicians play god and the innocent humans die and seemingly, world today is destined for more chaos. If I had a gun I’d kill all those politicians first before turning the gun on others. Honestly, I anticipate more bloody wars between countries, more dying people dying of pestilence and disease. Blissfully it seems that chaos, death and pestilence is now the order of the day! And I condone to it all, whether sentimental fucks like it or not.

To me, the sound production in Berno Studio from “Kaos Kommand” engraved in my mind forever. Anyway, the sound of shredding guitar by Ambox Studio got it’s own charecteristic of Antimo, and over all, it is a massive sound production. Will you use this studio again?
We’ve done two records at Ambox Studio and really glad with the production. Carlos Padilla has produced these 2 records and has done a great job. He knows what we want ultimately. Impiety simply plugs and play! We only use gain and nothing else.. just like the old POSSESSED 7 Churches album which is a huge influences for me when production is concerned. Both Antimo and Eduardo did a great job on this album!

Compared to Singapore, it is more hard to find real talented drummer in Malaysia, especially who can play precise blastbeats. I guess, you’re lucky to have Oscar in Impiety. I couldn’t believe untill I saw him crush with firepower in KL recently. Do you still missed Fauzzt? After all, it is his craft in “Kaos Kommand” that established the new dimension of Impiety’s brutality?
Yes, Oscar is a like an insane monster on the drums. Unbelievable stamina this beast of war possesses. Fauzzt is great in skill too and is more technical. He did a great job with Kaos Kommand 696 and stands as one of the very best drummers I’ve had the chance of working with.

Did you still use analogue recording? Or you guys are more comfortable with total digital works? I don’t know, but I asked about these to some person like Nergal (BEHEMOTH) and Steve (CRUCIFIRE), and they said the sound is ‘warmer’ and organic if we use analogue recording for the guitars? You, the wizard... tell me?
Well, everything was recorded direct to a computer hard drive at Ambox Studio but believe it or not, we never did use triggered kick drums and opted for just direct miking. For Kaos Kommand 696 we used completely analog recording but digital editing. Yes, it’s true about analog production with the given warmth and more organic sound but then it takes much longer to mix and edit. I don’t mind which type of recording Impiety chooses but importantly the production turns out to the way we want it to. I’ ll stick to Ambox mainly because it’s been killer experience working with Carlos the producer/owner of that studio... beside, Ambox is like 20 minutes ny car from our house in Queretaro and it’s the best metal studio in the entire Mexico!

I can’t help myself to think about MORBID ANGEL in some of the songs in ‘Paramount Evil 696’, so I guess. Technical and speed is now your vital identity?! You’re more into destructive riffs than the necro ones nowadays (ya know, “Diabolical Witching Aggression” kinda riffs) is it considered ‘lost magick’?
Not all is ‘lost magick’ my friend! It all depends on what I desire to write actually but watch out for the upcoming releases which will sound more horrid, ugly, destructive and necro to the bone! Hahaha! Progression for a composer like myself is imminent I know but I’ve always written my music by adding a lot of old school feel in and out certain songs. Impiety plays what borders both the extreme black and death metal genre and you’ll never see us become totally fixated on a single genre. Speed and technical is not priority is song writing but most important is that the song has soul in it and Legions can remember significantly each song or even chorus for that matter.

I’m terribly sorry if I killed a lot of your time. Just so damn interested to know more about Impiety since we have so long disconnected. You are working for European tour now, right?
Yes, working on new songs possibly for new mini-album release later part of 2005. We’ll do another Mexican tour and gear up for a European tour in the fall of 2005. Agonia Records is getting us contracted to an independent tour agency and hopefully we’ll have the dates in no time.

Thanks for all your supports toward my zine and my band since day one. Stay Impiety...
All hails and appreciations to you Rammy and Kemenyan for the years of friendship and supports!! It’s great to see how Kemenyan has gained more support from true metal warrior readers and I very please you’ve kept the cult alive and kicking! Extreme metal warheads should check out the ‘Two Majesty’ split EP and our 4th new album Paramount Evil 696!! Behold the reigning Grand Beast from Asia/Mexico, the Mighty Impiety

“Man, the actual beast of hell, capable of commiting the most bestial and heinous of actrocities, upon his own kind and the world. Enshadowed behind the face of innocence that deceives, is this great beast in all of us. And to unleash it impetously, we must! Landscapes have been shaped and raped, Empires have been bulit and torn, and imminent throughout, has been the reign of evil, paramount evil “ – Shyaithan, IMPIETY

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