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KEMENYAN FANZINE: 2nd Interview With As Sahar

Well, well. It’s nice to see this band still survived. If you remember their old photos with right hand holding Uncle Jack while their left hand pointing devil’s sign. Breathing fire and all dressed with spikes, armed to teeth. Today, the band heading for another direction, they have walked the fiery path of black metal, the wasted years of Rock/Heavy metal, the sacred experimental sound... it seem they heading for a happy ending lastly...

How’s life today? Are you going to answer this interview as black metaller or as a nornal guy?
Hehe.As a musician.. an entertainer, hehehe. Life today is rather relaxing awaiting for the coronation of King & Queen Barchiel comes 6th September 2003 at Raub, Pahang.

So, what things that you enjoy doing most in life nowadays? You have slowing down now? You told me that you also playing in another black metal bands with the primitive style. How was it?
Things that I enjoy doing these days are non-music related such as learning to cook from mom, be at the sea often (it’s a 5 minutes walk from home)..swim, or just to catch sunset or listen to the waves.. of course the long distance calls to my fiancee being the everyday compulsory schedule in my life reamins to be the best thing right now... I’m playing in 2 bands, As Sahar as you know it and MAJESTY OF RA – an intensed Death Metal band, a solo project I would say, dealing with Egyptology.

Your latest “Al-Rischa”mcd is our under Nebiula Prod again. Musically, As Sahar returned to the roots ( even the melodic side are more than the grim assault) to honour their faithful fans. So, what is your personal opinions towards “Al-Rischa”? For me, you managed to captured the sound back, but in songwriting, some old-magick are truly lost...
“Al-Rischa” in my personal opinion is a melodrama of the astrals and the oceans... the moods of the magick ( you see there’s still some magic in it! Hehehe!) lies in the drifty-melodical riffs.. that bring thoughts of man as to what happens in places they can’t see... it’s a mystery amongst universe and colossal realm.

Do you satisfied with Nebiula Sound Recording? For me, there are certain part I could get the real feelings. You know, I don’t like too polished sound...
Unpolished sounds! You’re damned rite, my dear old fren!! That’s what’s makes Nebiula Sound Recoding my favorite choice.. plus the people there knows what kinda sound we’d wanna have.. being a ‘kampung standard’ band like As Sahar, we don’t really matter what’s the final sound wud be like... what matters most is that we enjoy we do. That studio at Jalan Loke Yew have it all... recording one hour, and spend the next 2 hours at kedai mamak kat bawah tuuuu!!!! helps us to feel relax.

Anyway, I can see you having fun, doing reccording, working with your best buddy (the Nebiula’s crews). So what is the different between the old days and today about As Saharian daily life? From what I know, you guys look really satanic in those days...
In the old days, it’s the fans who made us look satanic, we never were satanic! Fanatical supporters were even more eerie looking than the band’s a culture they took for us being the pioneers of Eastern-related black metal. How can I ever distrust God when I feel He was the one resposible for all the ideas I have in music... As Sahar of today is like As Sahar of the past (without paints & spikes of coz).. we emphasize more on music rather than image. Maybe the only difference is that, other activities outside music comes more priorities than the band. Hanael is a dad of two Hanael juniors – Apis and Aris.. soon it’ll be my turn to take care of my little Barchiels.. these wud be more important than recording and gigs.

Is Njasakthee going to play in your upcoming gig? Is he going to be a permenent member? So, what do you expect since you haven’t perform in Malaysia for so many years?
Njasakthee wud play for his band Hayagriva in the same gig.. we can’t use his services. We will be using this guy-Hamzah from the band Margyyah as session with an option to feature permanently in the future.. I sincerely have no expectations whatsoever... just go on stage, play a few songs and go back, relax.. true it’ll be my first gig in about 5 years, but it’s gonna be just another gig.. an event of entertainment.

You tell me, that last 2 albums was the experimental side of As Sahar. It probably the best way to seek originality, or in other meaning to be more creative in music. But the local extreme metal is crying out loud for As Sahar, that you guys will turn into rocker once again...
I never ruled that out! Hehehehe... always love what TIAMAT is doing and wud wanna try it someday. Our musical roots are rock, maybe unlike the local metallers you were saying whose first time listening or even knowing music is Black Metal... maybe their daddies sang them Darkthrone songs while they are in their momma’s womb, so I can’t blame them.

In your glorious days, As Sahar was the sorcerer of Malay Magick Metal, totally dedicated your works to glorify the Eastern mysticism, patriotic yet evil in many ways. So, what things that you are mostly into now? Is the old elements is still there,...the true ‘spirit’ of As Sahar...
There were never days of glory for As Sahar..true glory is like what Manchester United did in 1999 winning the treble of EPL, FA Cup & Champions League. Unless As Sahar equal such heights, then you can call it glory.. the old elements, spirits, whatever-lah, that still exist is the melodical parts in As Sahar’s music. The depressive moods. When I create music, it comes with such atmosphere, we are into more Scandinavian type of Black Metal.. not the kind that says War here, Kommando there, Christrape here, Hellhorde there...

What is your opinion towards extreme metal these days? Do you listen to Nu-Metal? Grind Death Metal is also a big things today. Everyone seems like to talk about their cocks, tits, killing cats, etc.
I listen to almost everything that is non-Singaporean!!!

So, what the fellow As Saharian do in their free time? Do you still in touch with the ex-member of As Sahar?
We still do, they are still the best of buddies.. Sam Uriel and us still do talk-cock, sing-song activities,.. and does porn-trades!!! Hehehehe! He is one personality we missed a lot in the band, never find his real replacement through.. our free times, well.. we have our own free times, dunno much about Hanael, his family wud comes first. I would travel long distances to be with my fiancee whenever I’m free, catch live EPL matches involving Manchester United every weekend.. these are my main priorities. As Sahar & music are the last in the list...

What do you think about World War? Why is has to be killing, destructions, all over the planet we live in..
I don’t really care much apart from the Palestinian issue which concerns my fellow Moslems. War is nothing but because of greed! For more info on war, perhaps you can ask those bands that talks about war-related things... those bands that had such themes as Commander, Battle,.. ( you know they kept over-used these terms.. in their songs title or even their band members names, even the way they answer interviews)..they should know more about war!

That’s all. Enjoy life and keep on rocking....
ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!! But... Rammy will!! Hehehehe! All da best for Kemenyan, may your incense diffuse every parts of Malaya!!!

As Sahar finally been lay down to rest. It seem this interview featured here were the last one and the ending of their musical carrier. This is One Barchiel very own words which we just got in time we are going to release this issue: “ Yes, the gig had been cancelled due to some idiots that will be doing another function on the same date at Saloma Bistro offering the management an increbidle sum. With the cancellation of that gig, which was supposed to be As Sahar’s last gig.. it automatically means that I have announce that As Sahar is R.I.P officially... no more gigs in future, no more new albums.. One Barchiel is definately bidding farewell to the underground scene for now. Thanks for the great support for As Sahar over the past 9 years in recording industry”.

Taken from issue # 9 (August 2003)
Interview by:- Rammy

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