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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Lathebra

This is my first contact with Italian bands. Thanks Francesco for your supports and great answers.

Let me hear your first whispers?
Welcome to Lathebra’s universe...

Lathebra history and line-up? Any side-projects?
We started our activity in the first month of 1996, with the same actual line-up, that is me F.P on bass, G.Principle on vocals, B.Viliani on guitars, F.Geleno on guitars and piano and Rosero Memoli on drums. In september 1997 we recorded our first demo tape. It’s title “Angel’s Twilight Odes” and features 5 songs. After it’s released we took part to many compilation cd and tape and now we are writing new songs for a future release. As regards side project there are many other projects but Lathebra represents the only true form of the demo, of course critical expression we perform.

Tell me about your “Angel’s Twilight Odes” demo? Do you satisfied? How about the selling and responses? Is there anything Lathebra offers beside that demo tape?
We are satisfied about the result of the demo, of course the music presented in tape is quite old and so it’s not so much representative of which we are play now. However it’s good demo, great music, dramatic melodies, poetic shades, in few words it’s opus of our essense. About the selling and responses I can say that at the moment, 1 year after it’s release we have sold more than 800 copies, there have been many good reviews, and many interviews from all over the world, from Europe to USA, from South Africa to your land in Asia. So I can admit to be very satisfied about how people accepted our demo.

What kind of music Lathebra really plays? Described your sound to us?
I don’t think our music can be considered only Doom, Black, Dark or any other kind of music. Probably we play what we feel and that the motivation that our music has no limits, no experiments. We create art, penumbred art of most sensitive levels.

Now, tell me about your lyrics, about the story behind all of your songs? Why choose that items and do you think traditional satanic themes are lost and forgotten nowadays?
Our singer is the main writer of our lyrics, only the song “Benighted Embrace” has been writen by me, however I and G. Principle write the lyrical approach of the band. Behind each single songs, each single word there are our lives, our experiences, our mental and mystical trips, so interesting and above all that could help him/her to reflect on his/her innermost essense. As regards the band which use satanic lyrics, they get my total respect and appreciation if it fit their own way to express their feelings and passions, but it’s simply not our style. We prefer to talk about ourselves, our darkside, not to talk about satanic topics. I’m my only GOD, so I can’t reserve my lyrics to any other entity.

Let’s talk about cover. Who came out with the pictures? Motive?
I find that photo in a magazine and simply I found it totally fitting with what we wanted to represent with our band, our music, our lyrics. I think it’s a great photo.

What does Lathebra means? Why choose it?
Lathebra is an archive Italian word and it means ( or better symbolised) a dark and mysterious place. I think it represent our universe, so you can understand why we decided to name our band with this word.

How about Italian metal scene nowadays? Introduce us some good bands and how about the old timers?
As regard, the old timer you surely know our greatest bands that are, Death SS, Bulldozer, Necrodeth, Mortuary Drape, Necromass, Sadist, etc. The newer promises? Surely Crown Of Autumn, probably Angryon, Midgard, Art Inferno, Aborym and I hope Lathebra!

Tell me about Vamparia zine progression?
Well, Vamparia is my bleeding adventure, a passion that is birth in 1995, and that is arrived to it’s third issue, with the aim to know better the person who were involved in this kind of art. It gives me great satisfaction and at the moment it continues to give me great emotion to recieve comment, interview, simple compliments all around the world.

Done any gig lately? Hey! I wonder how Lathebra playing live?
We play only 4 times till now, but I’ve to admits that it is not our main aim to play live.

After hearing to some of Malaysian bands. What is your opinion about Eastern Metal scene?
Honestly, I know a few bands who deserve a real attention from your lands. I know Impiety from Singapore, Sigh from Japan (great stuffs), Aradiath and Langsuir from Malaysia, but some days ago arrived to my hands a good demo from a band called Hayagriva from your country and probably it’s the best Eastern Metal band I’ve listen to. I have good contact in Malaysia so I want to send my darkest greeting to Kaprikonus Dist, and above all to Shahrizwan from Random zine. You rule!

Lathebra future plans, any new composition?
At the moment we are simply working on new songs that seem darker, more mystic and observer than the stuff of “Angel...” I didn’t know if we’ll succeed to record something before summer but it’s our principle aim.

Your very last words to our readers?
Thank you for the interview. Check out our demo and find yourself in the darkness of Lathebra’s penumbral art.

Taken from issue # 5 ( March 1999)
Interview by:- Raimi

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IMPIETY have been walking through fire, blood and death for over past 10 years. They have fought many glorious battles in Asia and Europe with 4 full-length albums under their belts and amours. And it seem that the new “Paramount Evil” album is their most technical works up-to-date. The story of Impiety is full of controversy, line-up changes and hate campaigns, anyhow it unable to put them down to rest. Impiety is like unstoppable tsunami that raped and tore the planet apart. The man or beast behind Impiety still standing as constant reminder of the final apocalypse and I am proud to have him once again in this issue...

Interview by Raimi

First of all, tell me isn’t it tiring with your newly opened TOMEGATHERION store and your band? I wonder how did you managed to get the time for both? Where your basement actually is?
Both band and TOMEGATHERION are very much priority to me at the moment. Over the last few months I’ve also been doing various part time jobs because I need to save money before getting back to Mexico end of May. It’s a lot of hard work and a very hectic schedule that I lead but I’m in no position to complain because hard work keeps me going and needless to say running a metal store and band has become part of my life and that’s what I like to do best. Well it’s either before or after my work at TOMEGATHERION I will rehearse and manage the band. Jani my partner in crime works the later half of the evening whilst I work the earlier hours. We have great understanding over each other’s schedule besides working at the store. I hope to see you here one day Rammy! Get your ass down to Singapore for a vacation and come visit the infernal TO MEGATHERION metal kult!

Sure! If you can, tell me your method of working? You see.. all the other members are from Mexico. So, how does the song writting process running on? How often you guys rehearse for a week? Is there any problems? I’m agreed with the phase ‘there is no rest for the wicked’ now...
Well, take for instance the rehearsals and recording for Paramount Evil. I had prepared 7 songs and Antimo had contributed one. I sent the Mexican Militia all the guitars on cd-rom through the mail and they roughly tried to catch the riffs. Once they have the riffs, Oscar will put the drums to my instructions or to his choice of preference. When I got back to Mexico in June last year, we sat as a team to brainstorm and put the songs together very quickly. I also had all the lyrics prepared the same time and we would just rehearse everyday for 4 to 5 hours till we had all the songs tightly perfected. This May I am heading to Mexico to rehearse and possibly record 3 or 4 new songs for a brand new mini-album. This time Antimo and Eduardo will each contribute a song. So far we never had problems with rehearsals and even when I’m not in Mexico, the Mexican Militia will be rehearsing Impiety songs together with songs of HACAVITZ. Likewise, when I’m here alone, I’d be spending my time rehearsing independently on my own. That’s true, it’s No Rest For The Wicked!! Haha!

I’m sure Antimo, Eduardo and Oscar are the best Impiety line-up so far. Do you satisfied with their performances? I know, that you still in touch with some ex-Impiety, what are their reaction toward the new album?
Yes, they are very independent individuals and I need not remind them to rehearse coz they always do it without my telling them. They have that responsibility to upkeep and they do it well and without fail. I’m proud and honored to be working with them and having them in the force. We all think as a team and that’s important if we want to achieve our goals. Hell yeah, ex-members Dagoth, Abyydos, Demonomancer and also Fauzzt totally dig the two new records we’ve released.

Being ex-Osmose Prod terrorists, must be one of the important event in Impiety’s book as Osmose was once a legendary label in Black/Death metal world. I learned, they also have a problem with other bands under their wings. From what I read, they’re unhappy with your political views? Isn’t it? What made you shift to Agonia Records?
In the beginning, all seem fine but when the Kaos Kommand 696 album was released, everything became one skullfucking migraine! They made Impiety feel like a 20 cent whore actually. I got really tired of shitty and lame excuses coming from the label boss, Herve. First, it was empty promises about getting us contracted by either Metalysee or any independent tour agency. Before the signing of the deal with Osmose Productions, Herve assured me that it was confirmed he’d put us on an agency for touring. That never happened. Instead, after waiting for a year and getting lame excuses, he tells me it’s better to sit at home and record albums and earn from royalties rather than lose money touring. Secondly, their promotion office with that dickhead Nicolas in change kept sending me a ton of interviews but all without deadlines. He had no initiative to get deadlines from editors for me! He even told me to drop smaller magazines and just focus on major magazines. That is something I won’t and will never do! I treat all magazines fairly whether big or small. Even when I did their ‘most urgent’ interviews and sent it back 2 days later, they told me it was too late. I could not work systematically without deadlines and with a busy schedule, it sure was fucking me in the head. I left 60 interviews undone in 2003. I gave it all up because of their shitty working habits. Thirdly, the lyrics and text in the cd booklet of “Kaos Kommand 696” had a lot of Anti-Jewish sentiments. And Herve was lamenting to me that French authorities were on his ass about it. He said he had to censor the new press of “Kaos Kommand 696”. I told Herve directly that he should do his job by checking all lyrics and text before press time instead of pointing a finger to me when clearly it was his fault. Anyway, it totally disappointed me and I began to wonder wht the fuck an extreme label would be so concerned about lyrics or text. Fucking and blaspheming Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha seemed perfectly alright but what about Judaism and the Jewish swines? I immediately asked for a breach of contact to be signed releasing us from all ties with Osmose Productions. 

There are also a lot of speculations about your new lyrics in “Paramont Evil” album. Some said it is mindless violent words, some said your are promoting peace in sarcastic ways, some said you’re anti-Moslem, etc. Did politics finally gave affect to your life or you are just tired with all these wars lately?
I can see there are many stupid people out there to say it’s an album of mindless words or promoting peace? Any one with the right frame of intelligence knows that IMPIETY has created. Paramount Evil serves to glorify the evil of mankind over centuries of his long malevolent and destructive existence. Isn’t there the epilogue written by me inside the booklet ( which appears on the final page) giving you a rough synopsis on what the entire album is about? Yes, I am anti-religious and have been these long 15 years of my life. I am no hypocrite to my music. Paramount Evil is an album that is based on a very realistic down-to-earth concept. We all know Satan and god are all man created and that man himself is the ultimate weapon of evil. I wanted very much to write an album of such concept especially one still so extreme, dark, fast and very repulsive in subject. This is as real as it gets with music, since all songs are based on world history, past and present. Songs of this album deal with true accounts of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937 where Japanese raped and brutally decimated 300,000 chinese in just 6 weeks to the glorified impalations of Romanian warlord Vlad Tepes to the Jewish extermination of the second world war (Dr. Mangele) to the brutal reign of Emperor Trojan Decius. There is song “Sunset Detonation” that speaks about the countless suicide bombing in today’s world of terror... Paramount Evil unveils all!
Ok, out of music. Tell me what do you think about the situation in our world generally?
Generally I can’t be bothered with worldly affairs. Bastards politicians play god and the innocent humans die and seemingly, world today is destined for more chaos. If I had a gun I’d kill all those politicians first before turning the gun on others. Honestly, I anticipate more bloody wars between countries, more dying people dying of pestilence and disease. Blissfully it seems that chaos, death and pestilence is now the order of the day! And I condone to it all, whether sentimental fucks like it or not.

To me, the sound production in Berno Studio from “Kaos Kommand” engraved in my mind forever. Anyway, the sound of shredding guitar by Ambox Studio got it’s own charecteristic of Antimo, and over all, it is a massive sound production. Will you use this studio again?
We’ve done two records at Ambox Studio and really glad with the production. Carlos Padilla has produced these 2 records and has done a great job. He knows what we want ultimately. Impiety simply plugs and play! We only use gain and nothing else.. just like the old POSSESSED 7 Churches album which is a huge influences for me when production is concerned. Both Antimo and Eduardo did a great job on this album!

Compared to Singapore, it is more hard to find real talented drummer in Malaysia, especially who can play precise blastbeats. I guess, you’re lucky to have Oscar in Impiety. I couldn’t believe untill I saw him crush with firepower in KL recently. Do you still missed Fauzzt? After all, it is his craft in “Kaos Kommand” that established the new dimension of Impiety’s brutality?
Yes, Oscar is a like an insane monster on the drums. Unbelievable stamina this beast of war possesses. Fauzzt is great in skill too and is more technical. He did a great job with Kaos Kommand 696 and stands as one of the very best drummers I’ve had the chance of working with.

Did you still use analogue recording? Or you guys are more comfortable with total digital works? I don’t know, but I asked about these to some person like Nergal (BEHEMOTH) and Steve (CRUCIFIRE), and they said the sound is ‘warmer’ and organic if we use analogue recording for the guitars? You, the wizard... tell me?
Well, everything was recorded direct to a computer hard drive at Ambox Studio but believe it or not, we never did use triggered kick drums and opted for just direct miking. For Kaos Kommand 696 we used completely analog recording but digital editing. Yes, it’s true about analog production with the given warmth and more organic sound but then it takes much longer to mix and edit. I don’t mind which type of recording Impiety chooses but importantly the production turns out to the way we want it to. I’ ll stick to Ambox mainly because it’s been killer experience working with Carlos the producer/owner of that studio... beside, Ambox is like 20 minutes ny car from our house in Queretaro and it’s the best metal studio in the entire Mexico!

I can’t help myself to think about MORBID ANGEL in some of the songs in ‘Paramount Evil 696’, so I guess. Technical and speed is now your vital identity?! You’re more into destructive riffs than the necro ones nowadays (ya know, “Diabolical Witching Aggression” kinda riffs) is it considered ‘lost magick’?
Not all is ‘lost magick’ my friend! It all depends on what I desire to write actually but watch out for the upcoming releases which will sound more horrid, ugly, destructive and necro to the bone! Hahaha! Progression for a composer like myself is imminent I know but I’ve always written my music by adding a lot of old school feel in and out certain songs. Impiety plays what borders both the extreme black and death metal genre and you’ll never see us become totally fixated on a single genre. Speed and technical is not priority is song writing but most important is that the song has soul in it and Legions can remember significantly each song or even chorus for that matter.

I’m terribly sorry if I killed a lot of your time. Just so damn interested to know more about Impiety since we have so long disconnected. You are working for European tour now, right?
Yes, working on new songs possibly for new mini-album release later part of 2005. We’ll do another Mexican tour and gear up for a European tour in the fall of 2005. Agonia Records is getting us contracted to an independent tour agency and hopefully we’ll have the dates in no time.

Thanks for all your supports toward my zine and my band since day one. Stay Impiety...
All hails and appreciations to you Rammy and Kemenyan for the years of friendship and supports!! It’s great to see how Kemenyan has gained more support from true metal warrior readers and I very please you’ve kept the cult alive and kicking! Extreme metal warheads should check out the ‘Two Majesty’ split EP and our 4th new album Paramount Evil 696!! Behold the reigning Grand Beast from Asia/Mexico, the Mighty Impiety

“Man, the actual beast of hell, capable of commiting the most bestial and heinous of actrocities, upon his own kind and the world. Enshadowed behind the face of innocence that deceives, is this great beast in all of us. And to unleash it impetously, we must! Landscapes have been shaped and raped, Empires have been bulit and torn, and imminent throughout, has been the reign of evil, paramount evil “ – Shyaithan, IMPIETY

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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Wolfbrigade

Just shut up. This is one of the best band out of their genre. I’m in touch with Dadde Stark of WOLFBRIGADE asking if all day is Hell?....

How’s life today?
It’s ok, I’m hungover today. I saw Rollings band playing Black Flag covers yesterday. It was fun.

Tell us why did you changed your monicker to Wolfbrigade? Any news updates other than that?
Because of rightwing organization called Wolfpack. We didn’t want to be mixed up with them. And also the fact that we had Micke instead of Jonsson on vocals contributed to the name change.

If I’m not wrong, you are just finished touring with Deeds Of Flesh, Centinex, Centurian, Disgorge, etc. Fuck The Commerce festival? So, how it was to play alongside with those metal monsters?
In 2002, a couple of months before I joined the band, they played Fuck The Commerce. I don’t really know how it was, but my experience from metalbands is that most of them are kind of stupid. Good music in many ways ( I love Entombed and Satyricon ) but I would probably have a problem with their attitude.

Yeah! I hated rockshit attitute in mega bands too. For your info, I’m begin to searching for your cds just when I saw MARDUK’s drummer wearing your shirt. Haha! You think, did metal community in your area really loves Wolfbrigade?
I think many metalheads are into Wolfpack, but don’t know about the namechange and since we are on more DIY labels now than before, they don’t get hold of the records that good. You rarely see L-G Petrov sneeking around the local distro table . hehe. But I know the Marduk, Entombed and Centinex people are into us.

I personally think, even those glamrock punksters cannot wussing with you guys. You even sounded closer to Thrash metal. Am I right?
It’s true we have alot of metal influences in our music.

So, what do you think about the today’s world? What is your opinions towards war, slaughtering the innocence, conquering the weak country, etc?
It’s a sad world we live in, ever changing but no progress. We mark time but stand in the same place. I hate these power pigs over in the United States.

We all do. What is extreme music for you? Can you make your life by doing it? What is underground to you, did it still the same over the past few years?
I think we are more underground now then a couple of years back in time. When we were on Distortion you could find our records in ordinary record stores for prices that were shameless. Maybe we sold more back then, but on the other hand, Mats Bodenmalm @ Distortion is a rip off, so we never saw any money anyway. So the answer is no, we have never been able to live off our music. We all have jobs or are on welfare. Extreme music in itself isn’t importent for us, I appreciate the music from Foo Fighters as much as I do from Slayer.

Would you like to play in Asia? What do you think about the Eastern regions, especially from point of musically?We’d love to, there’s not many foriegn bands touring there, are they? I’d like to see a change in that. I don’t know many bands from Asia really, but I’d love to hear some.

That’s all. Any final message?
Thanks alot for the interview. Our new record “IN DARKNESS YOU FEEL NO REGRET” is out soon. Check for updates. Cheers!
Interview by:- Raimi

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Hayagriva

Hayagriva is one of the force to be reckon in Malaysia UG metal scene. Aavimarga is answering to all my question while he is also the drummer and vocals for the band PURNAMWULAN under the name Sangyang Wulan. Damn, that names really remind me that Disney’s character...

Greetings to neverending wrath warriors. Let me hear your first whispers?
Svasti Samarasabhakti Sidharta

Hayagriva will change their sound to ‘Dark Shadow Metal’ to ‘Supreme Shadow Metal’? What is the differences? Got any influences or inspirations?
Hayagriva growing up into the better step in the moment.. Hayagriva had maturity over the weak since the day one. Hayagriva had left the ‘dark’ path and go ahead walking through the ‘supreme’ path of vast-shadows... this is Hayagriva emigration to the better one. The diffirent is among the fine and excellent in the whole of Hayagriva’s absorption. The millieu and inner expressions of soul hearken us to make it as Hayagriva’s influences...

Your new release will appear in this year, 1997. Tell me something about it...
Nothing I would say here except just hear, wait and see for the arrival and it’s a must for you...

Is that true, Hayagriva lyrics are based on Hinduism, I mean does it purely like ‘Mahabrata & Ramayana’ stuffs or it’s Malay (pre-Hindu) stuffs. Who wrote the lyrics now since Aria Sidhayatra gone and why choose that themes?
True... pre-Hinduism is Malay roots.. Take the point, please!!! This is a main subject in Hayagriva. Almost, all the lyrics were written by me and Mantheravathee after the departured of Aria Sidhayatra... Hayagriva walk together, alone...

Have you ever dream of having female vocalist and using unusual instruments like sitar, ringbell, piano, etc...Both of it.
Nope!!! In the moment actually, but who knows in the future??!

Do you stilll like the old stuffs like METALLICA, IRN MAIDEN, KING DIAMOND, etc...
Of course, Hayagriva did.

Do keyboards important to Hayagriva’s sound? Some say, keyboards will put some colours or feeling in the music. Do you agree?
Actually, it is not enough keyboards and synthesizers to mention about... all over the instruments that concerned us.. keys/synth just giving us a beautiful scenery and the colours of Hayagriva’s music...

How about gigs. When will you play again? Responses from the crowds to your last one.
In the moment Hayagriva not planning and looking for it yet.. But who knows in August or September?? In the past, Hayagriva received a great supports from the audiences... Hayagriva, we exalt!!!

That’s all perhaps. Hopefully you’d glad to answers my interview. Maybe you want to add something...
Namaskar and thanks to Rammy for the interview. Just hear, wait and check it out the arrival of Hayagriva’s part of musick expressions. Something new awaits.. hari om!!!
taken from issue # 2 ( September 1997)

Interview by:- Rammy

KEMENYAN FANZINE: 2nd Interview With As Sahar

Well, well. It’s nice to see this band still survived. If you remember their old photos with right hand holding Uncle Jack while their left hand pointing devil’s sign. Breathing fire and all dressed with spikes, armed to teeth. Today, the band heading for another direction, they have walked the fiery path of black metal, the wasted years of Rock/Heavy metal, the sacred experimental sound... it seem they heading for a happy ending lastly...

How’s life today? Are you going to answer this interview as black metaller or as a nornal guy?
Hehe.As a musician.. an entertainer, hehehe. Life today is rather relaxing awaiting for the coronation of King & Queen Barchiel comes 6th September 2003 at Raub, Pahang.

So, what things that you enjoy doing most in life nowadays? You have slowing down now? You told me that you also playing in another black metal bands with the primitive style. How was it?
Things that I enjoy doing these days are non-music related such as learning to cook from mom, be at the sea often (it’s a 5 minutes walk from home)..swim, or just to catch sunset or listen to the waves.. of course the long distance calls to my fiancee being the everyday compulsory schedule in my life reamins to be the best thing right now... I’m playing in 2 bands, As Sahar as you know it and MAJESTY OF RA – an intensed Death Metal band, a solo project I would say, dealing with Egyptology.

Your latest “Al-Rischa”mcd is our under Nebiula Prod again. Musically, As Sahar returned to the roots ( even the melodic side are more than the grim assault) to honour their faithful fans. So, what is your personal opinions towards “Al-Rischa”? For me, you managed to captured the sound back, but in songwriting, some old-magick are truly lost...
“Al-Rischa” in my personal opinion is a melodrama of the astrals and the oceans... the moods of the magick ( you see there’s still some magic in it! Hehehe!) lies in the drifty-melodical riffs.. that bring thoughts of man as to what happens in places they can’t see... it’s a mystery amongst universe and colossal realm.

Do you satisfied with Nebiula Sound Recording? For me, there are certain part I could get the real feelings. You know, I don’t like too polished sound...
Unpolished sounds! You’re damned rite, my dear old fren!! That’s what’s makes Nebiula Sound Recoding my favorite choice.. plus the people there knows what kinda sound we’d wanna have.. being a ‘kampung standard’ band like As Sahar, we don’t really matter what’s the final sound wud be like... what matters most is that we enjoy we do. That studio at Jalan Loke Yew have it all... recording one hour, and spend the next 2 hours at kedai mamak kat bawah tuuuu!!!! helps us to feel relax.

Anyway, I can see you having fun, doing reccording, working with your best buddy (the Nebiula’s crews). So what is the different between the old days and today about As Saharian daily life? From what I know, you guys look really satanic in those days...
In the old days, it’s the fans who made us look satanic, we never were satanic! Fanatical supporters were even more eerie looking than the band’s a culture they took for us being the pioneers of Eastern-related black metal. How can I ever distrust God when I feel He was the one resposible for all the ideas I have in music... As Sahar of today is like As Sahar of the past (without paints & spikes of coz).. we emphasize more on music rather than image. Maybe the only difference is that, other activities outside music comes more priorities than the band. Hanael is a dad of two Hanael juniors – Apis and Aris.. soon it’ll be my turn to take care of my little Barchiels.. these wud be more important than recording and gigs.

Is Njasakthee going to play in your upcoming gig? Is he going to be a permenent member? So, what do you expect since you haven’t perform in Malaysia for so many years?
Njasakthee wud play for his band Hayagriva in the same gig.. we can’t use his services. We will be using this guy-Hamzah from the band Margyyah as session with an option to feature permanently in the future.. I sincerely have no expectations whatsoever... just go on stage, play a few songs and go back, relax.. true it’ll be my first gig in about 5 years, but it’s gonna be just another gig.. an event of entertainment.

You tell me, that last 2 albums was the experimental side of As Sahar. It probably the best way to seek originality, or in other meaning to be more creative in music. But the local extreme metal is crying out loud for As Sahar, that you guys will turn into rocker once again...
I never ruled that out! Hehehehe... always love what TIAMAT is doing and wud wanna try it someday. Our musical roots are rock, maybe unlike the local metallers you were saying whose first time listening or even knowing music is Black Metal... maybe their daddies sang them Darkthrone songs while they are in their momma’s womb, so I can’t blame them.

In your glorious days, As Sahar was the sorcerer of Malay Magick Metal, totally dedicated your works to glorify the Eastern mysticism, patriotic yet evil in many ways. So, what things that you are mostly into now? Is the old elements is still there,...the true ‘spirit’ of As Sahar...
There were never days of glory for As Sahar..true glory is like what Manchester United did in 1999 winning the treble of EPL, FA Cup & Champions League. Unless As Sahar equal such heights, then you can call it glory.. the old elements, spirits, whatever-lah, that still exist is the melodical parts in As Sahar’s music. The depressive moods. When I create music, it comes with such atmosphere, we are into more Scandinavian type of Black Metal.. not the kind that says War here, Kommando there, Christrape here, Hellhorde there...

What is your opinion towards extreme metal these days? Do you listen to Nu-Metal? Grind Death Metal is also a big things today. Everyone seems like to talk about their cocks, tits, killing cats, etc.
I listen to almost everything that is non-Singaporean!!!

So, what the fellow As Saharian do in their free time? Do you still in touch with the ex-member of As Sahar?
We still do, they are still the best of buddies.. Sam Uriel and us still do talk-cock, sing-song activities,.. and does porn-trades!!! Hehehehe! He is one personality we missed a lot in the band, never find his real replacement through.. our free times, well.. we have our own free times, dunno much about Hanael, his family wud comes first. I would travel long distances to be with my fiancee whenever I’m free, catch live EPL matches involving Manchester United every weekend.. these are my main priorities. As Sahar & music are the last in the list...

What do you think about World War? Why is has to be killing, destructions, all over the planet we live in..
I don’t really care much apart from the Palestinian issue which concerns my fellow Moslems. War is nothing but because of greed! For more info on war, perhaps you can ask those bands that talks about war-related things... those bands that had such themes as Commander, Battle,.. ( you know they kept over-used these terms.. in their songs title or even their band members names, even the way they answer interviews)..they should know more about war!

That’s all. Enjoy life and keep on rocking....
ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!! But... Rammy will!! Hehehehe! All da best for Kemenyan, may your incense diffuse every parts of Malaya!!!

As Sahar finally been lay down to rest. It seem this interview featured here were the last one and the ending of their musical carrier. This is One Barchiel very own words which we just got in time we are going to release this issue: “ Yes, the gig had been cancelled due to some idiots that will be doing another function on the same date at Saloma Bistro offering the management an increbidle sum. With the cancellation of that gig, which was supposed to be As Sahar’s last gig.. it automatically means that I have announce that As Sahar is R.I.P officially... no more gigs in future, no more new albums.. One Barchiel is definately bidding farewell to the underground scene for now. Thanks for the great support for As Sahar over the past 9 years in recording industry”.

Taken from issue # 9 (August 2003)
Interview by:- Rammy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Surrender Of Divinity

It is already known to all, that SURRENDER OF DIVINITY is new sadistic and violent beasts coming from the depth of paradise’s brothel, Thailand. Their highly acclaimed debut album “Oriental Hell Rhythmics” crushed the international underground scene by fire and thunder, gaining outstanding reviews from all major metal magazines. Just for example, Sound Of Death magazine (USA) give them full marks. They are just returning from ritualistic gig supporting the ineffable Kings Of Darkness, DARK FUNERAL (Sweden) in Singapore, as part of their Asian tour. I’m in touch with Whathayakorn to know what the new happening in their camp....

Hail there! How’s life today?
Christfucking war hailz Hell-bro, life is fucking busy at the moment, preparing the Black Mass and setting the head of Christ to sacrifice for Satan.

Your bassist left the band now. What is the problems. How it was for your vocalist Ekaluxx moving to bass and doing the vocals at the same time. Is he comfortable with it?
Avaejee, our bassist left the band because he had so many problems with his personal life. Yes, Ekaluxx is handle on both Black Vomits, and Bass War-Thunder now. I admit that he have some problems for doing this in the first time, since he didn’t used to doing this. But everything is just perfect now. We feel much better to be 3 demonic pieces band at the moment. And we had destroyed 4 stages as the 3 demons till now, and all went great. So we’ll continue to reign proud as a 3 demonic horde from the deepest pits of SIAM.

Kings Of Siamese Black Metal. Yeah! That’s a suitable title for your band. Being through all the hardship and now you have gained respects from all nations. Do you think you’re even more popular now? If I’m not wrong SOD also appeared in Thai’s TV shows, right?
Thanks for your kind words, we just don’t really care about being famous/popular at all. We’re still just the same band who just wanted to play the truest BM for Satan since the early ’96 when we released a first promo tape. Our unholy strong underground attitude will never change. I think that the band is more well known now, because of our hard works and the good promotion of the label. Hell, I don’t think we used to be appeared in TV shows here, where did you get that news from? We just only appeared in the front cover of some major metal magazine here only.

My friend from Thai told me about that. Maybe, he was wrong. Ok, I think there’s no problems with your Anti-Christian and extreme philosophy in Thailand. That’s the great thing about your country, you can wears inverted cross, playing heaviest music, fucking a whores, enjoying pornos, buy a gun without care of anyones...
HAHAHAHA!!! Thailand is not Hell, bro!! I agreed that here is much more freedom living compared to your country and Singapore. And yes, I can wears inverted crosses, bullets belts and walking on the street without any problem. No one here shall give a fuck about that. Anyway, I don’t think you can easily buy a gun here, but to buy a sword, axe, or long knife, I can simply go to a place only 5 minutes away from my house to buy some of these shit for you now. Yes, this is the land of Satan!!!

Anyway, don;t you feels insecure living in your country from point of economical and social. Do you ever got any threat from Christian organizations over there?
Hell, we have got a bit trouble with some Christian organizations here as well. Some of these shitheads sent me a few letters cursing, damning us a lot. However, we just sent them a letter in return with inverted crucifix without head, plus pig blood all over this fallen icon. Till now I have never heard anything new from them again. It’s fucking funny, these dumb asses are just pure rubbish and fucking cowardice!!!

So, will you continues with the same lyrics on fistfucking the Christian faith?
Sure, we shall keep desecrating the lamb of Jesus Cunt and all religion faiths out there till our last breathes. The hellish lyrics for the new assault will definately be continue to worshiped our mightiest lord below, and pure Christ-torturing to the bone. In fact, it will be even much more evil, blasphemous than the lyrics in “Oriental Hell Rhythmics”.

So, you’re working on new songs lately? What can we expect from song writting to sound quality?
Yes, we have 3-4 new satanic assaults completed now, I’d say all of our new satanic blasphemies are much more brutal, evil and faster 666 kms/hour. Regarding the sound of our new full-length satanic onslaught, it will be fucking raw as hell, powerful and brutal to the bone. It will definately be done with pure hatred and holocaust, just way of the true BM was meant to be. So bro, expect nothing but one of the most brutal BM albums from our new Christ-beheading war anthems.

Do you think the studio from Thai can produce good metal sounding? There’s Malaysian bands would like to record their album there, other than low costing and near to brothels, do you think the equipments and sound engineers were on the top form?
Yes, if we were talking about the equipments in itself only, then in Thailand we have a bunch of great professional studios, and the equipments is very top notch. Unfortunately, like most of S.E. Asian countries, finding good producers/sound engineers, who have many experiences with producing, engineering metal sound is something impossible. I’m not exactly sure, whether the cost of making an album here might cheaper than in your country, but I can say, you may need to pay RM15 000 or more for recording a full-length album in a top notch studio here.

What is melody to you?
It’s my infernal weapons for destroying, desecrating and fucking the lamps of all religions.

Who will handle your next assault? PSE again or bigger label? What do you think about PSE and a whole Malaysian metal scene personally?
As you might know that we has signed with PSE for a 2 album, so there’s an album left that we have to release through them. I knew Eric for many years now, and he’s still keep doing thing that he promised with us. So I don’t have anything to complain him at all. Well, I think Malaysian metal scene need much more new young blood Black/Death Metal horde recently, just to bring back the glorious days of the true underground metal in Malaysia. I’m not too sure, but I don’t think I have heard too much new promising hellhordes from there. So I’m really hope there’ll be more new true killer acts emerging from the pits of hell.

So you must aware that media and our goverment has attacked Malaysian metal community lately because of those satanic kids whose just begin to hear to Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. There are raids everywhere, and the scene has been slowing down. You opinions toward this?
Frankly, I think your goverment is completely stupid to ban metal there. It’s actually one of the most nonsense stories I have heard for ages. Keep fighting and bring the glorious ages of the true underground metal back to your land, brother.

You have been playing with the legendary Sodom twice. If I were you, that is one of my golden dream, man! So, how it feel to shared the same stage with them?
In fact, we only play iwth them once only. They played here 2 times, and we played with them in their 2nd show in Bangkok, also along with our eternal war-brothers; IMPIETY. Of course, we’re very proud having a chance to play with these legendary cult hordes. I’d say that I’m not a real fan for their last few albums. But their greatest onslaughts such as: “In The Sign Of Evil”, “Obssessed By Cruelty”, or “Agent Orange” etc are still sodomizing my soul till nowadays. Also it’s great that they played all their cult hymns in their 2 shows here. I’m not sure if there’s any possibility for them to play their 3rd times in Thailand.

And I’m also has seen you played in Malaysia for two times!! When will you gonna crush the stages again?
Hell, we’re fucking want to play there, bro! But because of that shit BM issue in your country, so we don’t know when we’re able to play there again. However, hopefully that problem will solve out soon. I can tell you that there’s a plan for us to go on S.E.Asian tour with war-goat brothers: The mighty IMPIETY in early next year. And we hope Malaysia can be one of the bill for the tour.

What bands are you listening to now? Do you ever think to record a cover songs as pay tribute to bands that you’re listening when you are younger?
Yes, we have a plan to record a cover attack for our 2nd Christfucking full-length for PSE. I can’t write you here the songs of which hordes that we’re gonna record, cos it’s not confirm now. Also we’re gonna record a 7”EP for the mighty LEGION OF DEATH RECORDS from France soon. This 7”EP should be unleashed in early 2003, and it will be featured 1 exclusive hell-hymn of the band that will never released anywhere else, even in our new full-length, plus a cover assault named “Anal Madonna” of the mighty IMPIETY, taken from their cult debut blasphemy “Asateerul Awaleen”. We’re very proud to cover this cult and killer hymn of the mightiest and the most blasphemous Hell-horde in Asia. Also the cover/HellArt of this 7”EP will be exclusively done by our war-sister: Ereshkigal. I must say it’s fucking blasphemous piece of infernal art of Satan ever! About which band/albums that I’m listening to now, I’d better leave you here my 10 favorite assaults, recently:

IMPIETY (sin)- Kaos Kommand 696
MORBOSIDAD (mex/usa) /INQUISITION (col/usa) - Invoking the majestic throne of Satan ‘split tape
DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Inquisitiors of Satan ‘LP
NECROFAGO (bra) – Desire for Blood ‘demo 87
NUCTERMERON (sin) – demo 88 & 90
DESTRUKTOR (aus) – Brutal Desecration 7”EP
GOAT VOMIT (gre) – Chapel OF the Wind Of Belial 7”EP
THE BEAST (bel) – Fixed By The Devil ‘Mcd
NECHBEYTH (sin) – promo 2001

That’s all for now. Last words to all the readers?
666 megatons of thanks and hailz Hell-brother for this hellish interview and for your unholy supporting to our hell-horde. All true close-minded BM hell-hordes out there, just prepare to be beheaded by our upcoming 7”EP and the 2nd full-length satanic onslaught. It’s gonna be one of the most brutal BM assault ever unleashed on earth!!!! Remember, Black Metal is only belong to Satan, not Odin, Nazi, nor other rubbish stupidities. Black till fucking death, horns up and eternal worship him.

Surrender Of Divinity, p.o box 161, Samsennai BKK 10400, Thailand

Interview by:- Rammy

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Funeral Rites

You should have heard about Funeral Rites, right? An established name beside SIGH, SABBAT and ABIGAIL. Yap, Japanese metal scene is still moving and growing just like their technology. They still keep the traditional satanic themes burning, black metal in most desecrating and blasphemous way....

Let me hear your first whispers?
Hail! This is Kentaro of Funeral Rites. How is your metal life?

Yes, I must must it is alive and kicking! Tell me about your “The Wintermoon” demo, like recording, satisfactory, selling and problems?
We’re not satisfied with “The Wintermoon” demo. Especially its sound quality. But it was recorded 3 years ago and we liked songs included that demo. We could get responses by it. Especially Nordic Vision magazine gave its review their half page. This is great thing.

Any new compositions after that? Do you mind telling me some title tracks?
We sign Painkiller Records (Belgium) February and release our full-lngth album till summer. The album title will become “Necroeater”.

Ooopps, can you tell me what drove you to started Funeral Rites?
Funeral Rites was formed in December 1994. This was very naturally thing because we have black hearts.

Nowadays the traditional satanic themes become more lost and forgotten. Can you explain these situation? How about Funeral Rites?
Our lyrics are written about satanism, satanic stories, human beings, fools and etc. I think Satanism and Black Metal is the history of war against all religions. We hate all religions!

Do you think, black metal with melodic elements get more popular than black metal with destructive elements?Black metal is an extreme music. So black metal keeps changing forever. But we don’t forget destructive heart. Our sound is enough to destroy this world.

What do you think about situation in eastern scene after some times? Do you know anything from Malaysia?Japanese metal scene is in good condition because true bands can only survive. I know some Malaysian bands and have listened to their sound. I know they have good sound quality.

I would like to know your opinion on these bands:
1. Amduscias
2. Borknagar
3. Cradle Of Filth
4. Mayhem

AMUDUSCIAS is great. I like their debut Mcd. The melody lines are genius. I don’t listen to BORKNAGAR very much. Sorry. CRADLE OF FILTH came to Japan last year. Their gig is very good. But I don’t like them very much because their sound is not aggressive. I have no word about MAYHEM because everybody know they are GOD. But today’s MAYHEM is not true MAYHEM. I don’t like it. It’s low quality.

With what bands you grown up? Let me know your all time favorite bands? Do you takes them as influences?
I love early Thrash/Black metal. I love Sodom, Destruction, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Mayhem, Burzum and etc.

If you got an opportunity, with what bands you like to play live? Do you like to play covers songs?
We have played covers from Sodom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Destruction in our gigs.

Tell me your future plans?
We keeps playing true black metal forever!!!

C/o: Kentaro Kameyama, Nest Kamishinjo 301, 3-2-12 Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0004, Japan

Taken from issue # 5 (March 1999)
Interview by:- Rammy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Desaster

Back into those days when rock & roll rule supreme. I remember, how much I adore the SCORPIONS and these Germans was the only heaviest band I knew. As years passing by, I realized beside the admirable military machines inventories, Germany has became an arsenal for Thrash/Speed metal soldiers that put the entire world in great fears! When the explosive products like “Obssessed By Cruelty”, “Pleasure To Kill” and “Infernal Overkill” were released, we could saw the Thrash metal fever has taken the world by storm. And now, the new howister of doom, DESASTER is ready to terrorize the scene. I’m lucky to have their drummer, Tormentor answering to all my questions...

Hi Tormentor? How are you and the weather there? I guess, Desaster must be very busy preparing for battle in Bang Or Be Banged?
Hell-o brother in Metal!! I’m fine, a bit hangover from yesterday night but still fine. We had a Hellbangers Birthday Party and many beers were killed. The weather here is cold and it’s raining. Hopefully the weather in Malaysia is much better. Haha. Yes, we are very busy to write new songs for a new record. We hopefully can enter the recording studio in summer next year to show you more neck-breaking, dark ‘n’ evil metal. Also our first live-record is ready at the beginning of next year. We recorded this album at our show in Sao Paulo/Brazil in October. Watch out for this piece of chaotical massacre out on Mutilation Records.
Like I’m saying to you, “Hellfire Dominion” was my first introduction to Desaster. I found it interesting to know there’s a band that able to mixed modern style of Black Metal with the traditional German Power Metal in ultro-violent approaches. Can you briefly tell me about the life-line of Desaster since “A Touch Of Medieval Darkness” days...
You know, we play traditional Black Metal, what means we put together the great Speed/Thrash of the 80’s, the Death Metal of the 90’s, the aggression of some good Black Metal bands of the early 90’s and evil, dark and brutal lyrics. All that is Desaster’s music. We only write songs that we like and our inspiration are all bands we like. So maybe this is special Desaster mixture!! And if you listen to all our records you’ll see that we still become better and better but never went off this typical “red line”, what means that you can listen the first demo tape or the last album and you’ll ever hear that this records are from DESASTER!!

You also putting out “Tyrant Of The Netherworld” advance tape, right? Is it still available? Why still released tape? I mean, today’s bands already think it is a fossil....
Advance tape?? Yes?? Haha. I don’t know. We released “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” in 2000 and maybe you got a adv-tape only to make a review!! Haha!

I’m absolutely amazed with “Divine Blasphemies”. Desaster has gone to another stage of brutality. I think, Desaster has already reached their ultimate sound! Do you care about what the fans wanted to hear when you’re writting a new song or you just do what you feels..
Thank you very much! And yes, I agree that “Divine Blasphemies” is up to date our most brutal record. But I think we can go again one step further on the new record. We have untill now 2 new songs ready and played one of this new neck-breaker live in Brazil. You know we are a band, that loves their freedom and nobody of this fukkin’ world can say us how to write and arrange songs!! We do what we want. And a song is ready after WE say “Yes that’s it!!”. All songs are coming straight from our hearts and show a special part of birth for a new album.

Musicwise, I think your formula come by the word ‘catchy’. I means, it’s not too fast or technical yet still killer. Infernal managed to create a strong and effective riffs all the way. And I’m glad Sataniac improved alot with his vokills!. Are you conservative with your musical taste or you can accept some progressive aspects?
Haha. No, I don’t think so. We are not that good musicians to create progressive music. You know, we love straight forward music. Easy but effective riffs are the most important in Heavy Metal music I think. Bands like AC/DC and Motorhead, etc show how it must sound like!! You know, Heavy Metal like Thrash/ Death/ Black must be music like a fist in your face. And I think that’s what our music is. By the way, for me Infernal is one of the best guitar-player in his genre! He know how to write good riffs which sound like a little bit ‘old’ but have a fresh straight forward sounding! About Sataniac I would say that with his voice more brutality come in to Desaster. I like his voice much more than the old singer’s one! It’s more aggressive and violent! In my eyes, he’s the better singer!!!

“Beast Of Wrath And Victory” became my personal favorite track just after first listening. Tell me about the addition of Blumi from METAL INQUISITOR for guitar solos? How about Mille Petrozza? I wonder, how can he contribute his voices to blasphemous act like Desaster? He was rockstar, wasn’t he?
That’s great! You know we asked Blumi to do a solo to show the friendship between Metal Inquisitor and Desaster. I started with Blumi M.I some years ago and left the band after they got more offers for playing live. And there wasn’t enough time to play in both bands. But I’m still interested in their music and I love their debut album a lot. We also meet most every weekend in some pub’s or parties around to have some fun, drink beer and bang our fukkin’ heads together!! And Mille I meet several times on Open Airs in Germany. He’s a great guy and absolutely not a rockstar. Ok, he had done some mistakes like the last two albums before the last one, but hey man, he has recorded one of the most aggressive metal album ever!! “Pleasure To Kill” is still a killer album and one time on these festivals I asked him to sing some lines on our next record and he liked my idea, that’s the whole story.

Tormentor, I personally think you are the person that like to kept everything remains traditional (judging from your drumming..sorry if I’m wrong) but tell me about the personality beyond you and the rest of Desaster in normal life?
Haha. Ok, you must know, I’ve never had a real drum lesions or shit like that. I grow up with the band. And I think that’s one of the best reasons that Desaster sounds so unique. We all learned and still learn how to handle our instruments within the years. We are not perfect, but we are still metal-fans and that’s what make us strong. You know, more or less, all of us have a regular work what’s sometimes a problem to play some bigger tours or play a lot of shows in countries outside of Germany. But the way as it is we are really satisfied with and hope that everything will go this way. We also want to have enough time in our ‘private’ life for our girlfriends and going to parties or only went to bars and have drinks. We are also still metal fans who want to have some beers and that’s it!!

I’m sure all your youth days wasted for metal! What do you really miss from those days? It is a whole different scene today, right? Like if before bands only release a fucking tape and spread it around themselves, etc...
I think that’s one of the biggest problems of today’s scene. First everybody has the chance to release Cd’s from the beginning of the band. There is no growing up, learning the process, nothing. Demo-tapes are very important for a band. You know, I think that the 80’s were the best time for Heavy Metal, specially the harder way like thrash, death, black and hardcore (how metal was called back in time). Most of the best bands had their best times back in time. And also tons of great songs were written but, you know, it’s 2003 and Metal is still living! You can not turn back time but we can take the good things from the 80’s into the today’s metal scene. And make a mixture of old and new. That’s a good way I think. What’s better back in time, what’s better today. Fukk it!! You live now, so make the best out of it and show that Heavy Metal is still on the run! HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE!!! The biggest problem of today’s so called scene are the labels I think. You know, in my opinion only magazines, fanzines and the fans can say ‘this band is cult’, ‘this band is the band of the decade’, etc. Not this idiots from the labels. They can say that a band is technical perfect or this is a classical release, but if a band is good, killer or pure cult. No! This only can say fans and press. I hate this commerce-thinking. FUKK OFF WANKERS!!!

Does the word ‘honesty’ means something to you? How honest you with your music and underground generally?Underground in my opinion means to do a most of things by yourself. In our way we do most of all shirts by our self, all concerts, informations, questions, feedback and so on is answered by ourselves. All contacts for show outside of Germany were done by us. We like this work around playing our instruments, this is an other side of a band and shows how deep a band really is underground or not. Desaster is our life and we would give everything to the band to keep this piece of our hearts alive!!

I am also glad to see you guys still wearing leathers, denim, inverted cross, .. ya know, today’s metal more into jogging shoes, bermuda pants.. which is nit metal at all. Do you think image is important to us?
I think it’s much more than image, it’s a life-style! You know, I don’t wake up with bullet-belt on, but with out this I feel naked! Haha. But, I think everybody can do what they want. We like wearing all that things and it’s also a part of Desaster. We don’t care what others do, wear or say about us. BULLETS, SPIKES ‘N’ LEATHER. METALIZED BLOOD!!!

Your “Divine Blasphemies” has been re-released in Thailand by IN COFFIN PROD. I’m sure, you already got a lot of fans in the eastern regions. Why not come over here to play some shows? SODOM did it twice. Why not Desaster? But please come to Malaysia (I’m sure you will be surprise to see the metalheads here!) Thai is better for sex tourism...
Haha. Yes, Thailand is a good place to get some special “jobs” and also infected!! Hahaha. Anyway, yes, Sodom recorded also their last live-album down there, isn’t it?! The problem is first, that we don’t have that big contacts to Malaysia and Thailand. Also, if there’s somebody who want to do some shows for us, he must pay for the tickets etc. And most organizers can not pay the money in advance. But we’ll never give up. Hopefully one day we come to Malaysia and show you how a total Desaster looks and sounds like!!! Haha. Yes, In Coffin Prod has done a great job with the tape version of the “Divine Blasphemies” album. Hopefully he do also our upcoming releases!!!

Anything to say to our readers? Thanks and good luck for your tour and happy new fucking year!
Thanxx a lot my friend. I think enough is said. If there is somebody interested in our merchandises write to the address below. Watch our for our first live-record out on Mutilation Records next year and KEEP THE FLAME BURNING!! Hail to all who feel the same metalized blood pounding like we do!! BANG OR BE BANGED!!

Tormentor anno 2003

Desasterc/o; Infernal, Jahnstr. 76, 56218 Mulheim-K, Germany

Interview by:- Rammy