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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Anorexia Nervosa

I’m just fed up with those romantic and melodic bands all around. It makes me sick, and they caught me no attention at all. The future of extreme metal is seems scary, where most of the so-called metal bands combine and mix all these mellow and harmonic elements to our beloved violent music! But after listening to ANOREXIA NERVOSA, I personally believe there is some bands out there still have the guts to compose something which is brutal, blasphemous yet in modern and sophisticated ways. It changed my perspective towards this trends, cause ANOREXIA NERVOSA simply a unique nihilistic orchestra...
This interview was done via snailmail and appeared in issue # 7 (May 2002)
Greetings, how is France these days?
I don’t know how is France but get the salutation of French Metalheads!!!

I must tell you that I’m really impressed by your works. Anorexia Nervosa absolutely makes bands like Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir will think of improvement! You guys really can combines violent and symphonies at the top level..
Thanks alot for your great words about the band, I don’t even know what to answer after this, our music is the result of a very long hardworks and I’m pleased to see that you liked it.

I know you will hate this question, but please let me know a bit about AN’s history?
The band was formerly called NECROMANCIA, we began to play Death Metal. In 1995 we changed the name to ANOREXIA NERVOSA because we wanted something more original. We did “Nihil Negativum” our first demo and sold about 1200 copies. Then we get a deal with the ‘fucked up ripp-off-pig-fucker’ SEASON OF MIST and recorded our first album “Exile” an insane piece of Industrial, Gothic, Metal, like most of mihilistic thing we’ve ever done. We left this shithead label and signed on OSMOSE PROD for “Sodomizing The Archangel” and “Drudenhaus” and things are going well for us, we have toured with bands like ABSU, ENSLAVED, IMMORTAL, CRADLE OF FILTH, MARDUK, BAL-SAGOTH, ..and our new album “New Obscurantis Order” is about to be released.

I’m still haven’t got chance to hear to “Drudenhaus”. But in “Sodomizing The Archangel”, I wonder who’s came up with such powerful ideas in lyrics. I think, it’s a bit sci-fiction, but you still keep the perversion taste...
Perversion... yes! Sometimes the lyrics are dealing with very personal emotion. We write about the existence and it’s denial, treat about every era of humanity. This is not science fiction, it’s how you can stand from pure romanticism to total nihilism.. and that’s a part of our own life. Sex is also at stake, so I like the expression “perversion taste”!!

What is “Drudenhaus”? What is the thing you tried to bring in those noises there?
Drudenhaus was a house where thousand witches were tortured, raped, burned, killed.. it was based in Germany and Sacher Masoch lived there after all these massacres. It no longer exist but it was good inspirations for us. We’ve chosen this title because it was in relation with our lyrics and the feeling of the music and the artwork of the album is also about that.

There’s 10 tracks violins in “Drudenhaus”! that’s amazing. I think only THERION can produced that elements before... ( not to mentioned, these guys sang in 4 languages –ed)?
Yes but now I think we are one of the most orchestrial band in metal, we don’t use violin to make atmospheric music but in order to make to be more powerful and extreme that’s the difference.

Is there still a lot of samples in “Drudenhaus”? you also pick sample from porno movies, right?
There is one sample on Drudenhaus it was particularly on “Sodomizing The Archangel” and yes we used samples from porno movies. That’s right, I let you guess the names of the films... they are meet with French version of breaking the waves and it make a real contrast with this sad world like “everything is meaningless now” or “I promise to be obedient...” I can’t translate everything but it gives you an idea...

Today romantic/keys/girlfriends bands absolutely let me down. I’m turning back because of band like ANOREXIA NERVOSA. Tell me about your musical background? Not every bands can create such orchestral, noble and bombastic songs...
We started to listen Heavy Metal then thrash, death and black metal. We also have a gothic influences in the band as well as 80’s electro and industrial noise ( E.NEUBATEN). Classical music is also something important for us but we don’t try to makes classical music, Metal. We want to create something majestic and grandiose and so we use the instrumental of classical orchestra and it’s long to compose. Stefan and Neg work together on these orchestrations because it’s difficult in term of harmonies. And we still work in order to sound extremely violent....

Your vocals rules, man! It’s got a character in all songs. Sometimes cries, sometimes screams and growls. Reminds me of King Diamond, but in more modern way. You are using effects too, right?
Thanks alot, personally I consider KING DIAMOND like god, I worship this band. That’s the best compliment you can make. To answer, we didn’t use special effect, the voices of our singer is natural. We just use classical effects like reverb and delay. That’s all.

There’s something special about the drummer. His structures, sound and energy was incredible. Send my regard to this beast-machine...
I will tell him, sure! But wait before hearing the new album, it’s faster and you won’t be decieved.

What are you trying to show in graphic that embossed in “Sodomizing..” and “Drudenhaus” album?
We show something that is related to the spirit of the band, beautiful gothic and decadent graphism that are expressing our music by strong images. That’s just pure essence of ANOREXIA NERVOSA.

Do you still worshipped the simple and dirty sounding of bands like VENOM and BATHORY?
VENOM is the beginning of it ALL. So we repect this band. We used to listen to it when we were younger as well as BATHORY which is the greatest Black Metal band ever to me. I like every songs from “Bathory” to “Blood On Ice”. My favorite one is “Blood, Fire, Death”. Stefan and the other prefer “Hammerheart” and that’s a huge influences for us and for so much other bands. This guy is a genius. On “Hammerheart” and even “Under The Sign Of Black Mark” he tries to create dark and emphatic great music, something mystical and that’s what we also trying to do. HAIL!

What should we expect from OSMOSE PROD, real soon? Great to hear they also signed IMPIETY under their wings...
Well, you should expect the new album of bands like IMPALED NAZARENE or ENSLAVED and for IMPIETY, we are proud to see them on OSMOSE. Hail them for me. And of course, the new ANOREXIA NERVOSA!!!

Isn’t it hard to you guys to perform ‘live’?
It’s a terrible hardwork for us the most difficult is for NEB XORT and the orchestrations, I think that no-one is able to do what we does but in the end we manage to give something violent everytime and that’s what we like first, playing live!

Do you know,I’d never expect AN hailing from France before, I think there’s more death metal oriented bands there...
I can’t really say if people more Black or Death metal oriented. I should tell you the truth, we don’t consider ANOREXIA NERVOSA as typical Black Metal band, our music is different from band like BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, or GORGOROTH... We are ANOREXIA NERVOSA. We like fucking metal, great metal...

That’s all. I’m just hoping AN will keeps their music violent and pure hellish metal. Final messages to our readers?
Thanks alot for these questions. I hope that you guys will get in touch with ANOREXIA NERVOSA and watch out for the new release “NEW OBSCURANTIS ORDER” you won’t believe it. Sodomy and lust!!

B.P 1064


interview by:- Rammy

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