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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Wounds

Death metal still went on here and there. As long as there is a true believers like me and you, of course death metal will breath the future. I’m caught wil Joakim Soldehed the vocalist and bassist of WOUNDS to talks shits and asking him about his dedication to Metal. Wounds at the time when this interview is done, working on debut album “Chaos Theory” scheduled to be released under American label. Let’s running, and screaming, and burning, and slashing, ...then killz...

How things going on down there right now?
Thing are pretty good right now, waiting for magazines to answer what they liked our demo, what kind of reviews they give to us and would they like to interview us. We haven’t sent our demo to any labels yet but soon I will, and hope to some label would be interested about us...
Why there’s so many all these keys/romantic/girlfriends bands around now. Don’t you missed the sound like MERCILESS, DISMEMBER, KATAKLYSM, POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL ever did...
No. No... I haven’t heard a band called POSSESSED?? What is it? Is it somekind of ‘satanicheavymetal’?? hahahahahaha!! Yes, we all in the band like very much about these old 80’s Kings.. Slayer and Morbid Angel must be the most influences to us, I like also bands like Possessed, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom and many heavy fucking good bands from the 80’s. It’s bad that most of them doesn’t play anymore, but I think that Destruction made very comeback with their album “All Hell Breaks Loose”. One of the best albums released year 2000, and their new album “The Antichrist” is out soon...must wait!!!
We would really like to know your band’s history?
We were formed in winter 1998 without our guitarist Jouni Hertell, he came to Wounds in May 1999. Our line-up then was little different, I did only the vocals and we had the bassist from Patricide (other band from Harjavalta) but he quit with us after recording of our first demotape which never released because of the bad sound in it. So we were little time without bassist, but in September 1999 I started to play bass and do the vocals also. We recorded our first demo/promo “Brutal Mutations” in December 1999, and it was our first time in ‘real’ studio. “Brutal Mutations” sold out after few months and it was promoted in different magazines, and most of feedback we got was really positive. We played some gigs with quite famous Finnish bands like ADRAMELECH, DEEPRED, SHADOWS OF SUNSET, HORNA, FURNACE, SLUGATHOR, etc.. and with SUICIDAL WINDS from Sweden. We recorded our 2nd demo in summer 2000 again in same studio that we recorded our first demo. Second demo/promo “Barbarizing the Death” sold out in few months like the first demo, and feedback was again pretty good from different magazines... no interviews yet. Now we played gigs and did some new songs, and almost a year after recording of 2nd demo we thought that this is good time to got studio to record our third and best demo till’ this day. The new demo “Nuclear Devastation” was released about month ago and it sold over in few weeks, interviews was made after big promotion and only two or three review this far, but they have been very good... things are looking great now.
Yep! There’s so much SLAYERish influences in”Nuclear Devastation” especially in drum department. Personally, I think even Slayer forgot to write such tunes back,hehe. Tell me about your musical background and influences?
We have our influences mostly in old 80’s Slayer and Morbid Angel, but everyones of us has their own personal influences, I have influences mostly from old 80’s Metallica, Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Running Wild, Destruction, Kreator.. there are so many of them, but those was them most important. Arto (our drummer) likes also very much of different music styles, nowadays he listen a lot of different jazz groups, but he likes also Demigod, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Slayer, old Metallica, Deicide, Vader, Suffocation, Demilich, etc... many different bands. Jouni (our guitarist) has the roots in old Hard core Punk, but likes mostly Slayer, Morbid Angel, old Metallica, etc.. Impaled Nazarene & Terveet Kadet must be his personal favourites. I think everyone can see, that we got a little bit samekind of influences all of us. Hehehehe!

Do you think the capital city of death, Tampa still rules?! Those Czech brothersalso kicking arse, right?
Yes, absolutely... you can do good sound music even here in Finland, so it must be very easy in other countries, hehehe!
I tell ya what.. I find it hard for Finnish bands to play death metal, am I right? It’s seem black metal is a fashion there...
Yes, you are quite right, black metal is big here, but here are many bands playing different kinds of death/thrash metal, check out these bands: Adramelech, Dauntless, Furnace, Deepred, Demigod, Demilich, Slugathor, Irritate, Creamface, Morbid Savouring, Buried Alive.. but really much bands are from the city where I live. You know, here only 8000 people, so check out The Harjavalta Area Thrashers: Patricide, Solitaire, Animal Foreskin, Pus, Eruption(RIP), Torsofuck, Wounds (of course!). check out these bands and you know more about Finland than Sauna and Finlandia vodka, hahahahha!
Tell me about the responses that you got from “Nuclear Devastation”, any shockable reviews?
Only good till today, not so many reviews or feedback came yet because we sent the promos to different magazines only few weeks ago, this is our 2nd interviews after new demo/promo. Nothing so shockable came yet but I wait, hahaha.
So, what should we expect from Wounds today and in the future?
What you I expect?? I expect gigs, reviews, interviews, sold demos & T-shirts, lots of shits, and maybe a deal with some label.. it would be great to release debut album soon and I hope that it is happening soon. Like I said, we haven’t sent our promos to any labels yet, but I expect that some labels would be interested after listened to our demo...
What about HAMMERFEST? I wanna know more about it...
It is one kind of Heavy Metal Happening in Lahti, Finland. Last Hammerfest, where we played, was fourth Hammerfest. I think in future, more will come... I must say that it was great to play in there and I hope only good to bands behind Hammerfest; Jumalhamara and Strym

Do you know about the situation in Malaysia now? So, let me know what do you think about these kids that became a satanist, when they begun to hear to CRADLE OF FILTH or DIMMU BORGIR? These fakers only destroyed the scene, I think. They don’t love the music actually, but the trends...
I fucking hate that, they should all be executioned in the local place all laughing to them. I will piss on them and I will piss on mainstrem and trends.. Fuck Off!!! We have this kind of ‘evilbadtrendasssatanworshippers’ in my city too, they use Dimmy Big Bad Burger T-shirt when they aren’t in home, but when they come back to home they take the Limp Bizgayt T-shirt out from the closet and wear them for hiding that they are worshipping Dimmu Bogger so their parents wouldn’t shout to them...

What is the best metalfest you ever watched?
I can’t say...hmmm... but the Tattoo the Planet tour in few months will be the greatest, SSLLAAYYERRRR!!!!
So, what is the best sound came out from your shores lately? Probably Astia Studio or Tico Tico Studio still rulez?
Must be the Tico Tico Studio, they have very good and brutal sound quality in every album recorded in there.. other must be the studio we use, the Sound Doctor Studio in Pori, near the city where we live.. they have also brutal and clear sound in all latest recordings from there, but this studio isn’t so big, mostly demo band use it.
What make Glen Benton became your favourite vocalist/bassist? Hihih.. just joking. Who’s actually your childhood heroes?
Must be He-Man.. hehehehe!! No, seriously my biggest hero from my childhood must be Cliff Burton. There is nothing band in Glen Benton, but there’s something EVIL in Glen Benton.. hehehehe.. but after Cliff Burton, second hero must be He-Man I think or Tarzan... hahahaha!
Final messages to the legions?
Nice to have this interview with you, I had very good and nice time with these questions, you rule. Keep the flag of hate up high!! Eveyone who haven’t heard about us, check out our homepages or buy our new demo “Nuclear Devastation” with 6 USD, 10 DM or 20 FIM to my address: Wounds, Kolkkalankatu 6, 29200 Harjavalta, Soumi Finland Metal up your ass!!!!

interview by:- Rammy

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