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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Impiety

When the chapters of Apokalyptic Black Metal from Asia is written. You will realized IMPIETY is one of them. Shyaithan, the driven force behind it has been a close friend to me for a long time. This interview was done just before the band set off for Euro-Bestial Invasion tour.

Issue # 7 (May 2002)

Your very first whisper from the gates of Hell?
Conjured hails of war, steel and goatsodomy, Lord Rammy

Well, the “Skullfucking Armageddon” is out now! Total evil and grim recording ever from Asian, I must say! I see huge changing in songwritings. So, how could you explain this? Maybe the new members gave some affect to Impiety’s sound?
The steel carnage and kataklysmik prowess displayed on this album was delievered mercilessly by the combined forces of all in Impiety. I wrote all the songs on “Skullfucking Armageddon” additional shredding guitar octavescales, Nuklear FX and solos were desecrated by Fyraun and Dajjal also added in his apokalyptik Hellspells and barbaric wrath on deathammers at 666km/h.Impiety’s creations surely originating from the early works of SODOM, SARCOFAGO, and POSSESSED. So, the thrashy elements is added to the new album! What do you think if people say Impiety also trapped in fashion of 80’s comeback?
Well, I don’t think we’re taking the complete retro approach musically or lyrically, there’s a balance of everything... skullfucked yourselves with the malevolent christfucking steel holocaust on this album and you will know...
How do you describe the infernal personality beyond Dajjal and Fyraun?
Fyraun is great to work with... he was formerly from PROFANCER and XASTHUR. I have known this sadistic Alkaholik Warbeast for 6 years now. And he’s been with us since 1997. The ‘ol Dajjal, Mr. Falmi (our label boss!), manager of Dies Irae Productions, is now our promotional manager. The band still works closely with him. The new Dajjal (Iskandar) is great to work with as well, also a schizoprenic Demonterrorist who fits perfectly among the other ranks in the band, he has had infernal experiences from PROFANCER, XASTHUR, ABHORER, and ABATTORY. And, only recently Kravnos was added to the line-up.. he commands the bastard 4 strings DemonAxe very well... I am now fully concerntrating on Bestial War Commands and vokills...! IMPIETY has 4 War Kommanders of Kaos now!!!What is your comments on bands with crystal clear sounds, profesionalism in layout and attitude which reflect the commercialism side of metal. I think Impiety also had this problem before, right?
We NEVER had this problem! We never will have a crystal clear production, everything has been filthy, aggressive and raw as fuck from the very start. We like it this way, we don’t care what others think. Likewise be it professional packing but if you notice, we hate lame and sickening colourful designs. We like our album layouts and colours to be wickedly plain and simple. The design and layout on the new album was planned by me and the rest of the band, and it clearly reflects Impiety’s hateful beliefs and message very well. Even for the album title, we don’t give a fuck even if it was banned from distribution in certain countries, but the album had to be “Skullfucking Armageddon” man, that title best suits the songs on it! We don’t care what other bands do... but is it’s for a commercials cause to help ‘em rake in dollars, then fuck them! Bear in mind, although some bands have great packing and sound, etc... it’s the label that will make the buxx, usually not the artirst. At least not for us, we have never made one cent from the band from day one, till today.

So, what is commercialism in metal for you?
Fuck commercialism totally..! we don’t support it at all!!! Impiety was born, breed and will continue to battle and reign supreme in the filthiest and most blasphemous Metal Underground you could ever imagine. There’s still a whole lot of Christian sheep to be slayed, raped and sodomized, and it’s our job to ensure the complete fall of Christendom, and whole lot of fucking bullshit religions.Right now, you listened to....
The same ‘ol stuffs I usually listen to.. most of my free time is wisely spent spinning revered vinyls of SODOM, early KREATOR, NECRODEATH, DESTRUCTION, SARCOFAGO, POSSESSED, VENOM, DARKNESS, MINOTAUR, MERCILESS, MORBID ANGEL, USURPER, VULCANO, BLASPHEMY, early PROTECTOR, NUNSLAUGHTER, etc.. we just got the new VOMITORY and ANGELCORPSE albums and both totally shred!! So I am listening to these cds right now.. yeah, also listening to the great thunder in the skies above, fuckin’ brutal and brilliantly black and H E A V Y as Hell!! I wonder who’s composing so much hateful satanic noise up there in the ‘Hell’ above..? Sound excellent to my ears!! Hmm, Look like it’s gonna be stormy showers tonight..! Oh shitt!!!Am I right if I say your lyrics best compared to MARDUK? Comments?You could say so if you like, both of us thrive blissfully on antichristian, terrorism and blasphemous but of course, we might probably be sicker and more demented one if compared.Imagine if in the future, Impiety will play Power Metal...describe your sound to us?Ha! Ha!... I can’t imagine that man.... that will make me sick. I already feel like puking thinking about it. Well, in short, I will just say that IMPIETY will always stays IMPIETY.I’m glad to see Impiety still defended the ‘diabolic satanic theme’. But, did you realized that those theme are getting lost and forgotten. Today bands are more into romanticism and poetry. What do you think about this situations?
We don’t care about it.. fuck romantik and melodick BM shit! We proudly on traditionally topics (our beliefs) like WAR, HELL, SATAN, TERRORISM, CHRISTSODOMIES, GOAT-WORSHIP and GOAT-PERVERSION, the profound desecration of lame religion, explicit and infinite dimensions of Antichristian-hate, Barbarism, Misanthropy and Kaos!!!

Thing that you hated most in the Black Metal scene?
Wannabes, Hypocrites, Rumour mongers, clones, rockstars, BM band with whores on the keyboards, Bisexual gothwimps, and rip-offs!!!How about live shows? Tell me where is the best performances IMPIETY ever did?I must say that both shows we played in Malaysia ( Penang ’97 and KL ’97) were equally great. Totally great support from terroristic fans there!!!And advises to bands that trying hard to be superstars! He! He! He!Struggle and masturbate harder....Barbaric planning of Impiety? How about video clips..he! he! He!More show lined up from now till end of the year. We are playing in Indonesia in November and hopefully in Malaysia soon. Presently we’re working on some new song right now. No video clips ever , man... porno flicks perhaps, we all qualify as good porno actors!!!
Final torment in fire?
666 demonic hails to you, Rammy and the killer Kemenyan for infernal years of supports and friendship..! All the very best to your new unholy band, I am looking forwardd to the demo! Raise high the horn of HELL!

interview by:- Rammy

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