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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Wounds

Death metal still went on here and there. As long as there is a true believers like me and you, of course death metal will breath the future. I’m caught wil Joakim Soldehed the vocalist and bassist of WOUNDS to talks shits and asking him about his dedication to Metal. Wounds at the time when this interview is done, working on debut album “Chaos Theory” scheduled to be released under American label. Let’s running, and screaming, and burning, and slashing, ...then killz...

How things going on down there right now?
Thing are pretty good right now, waiting for magazines to answer what they liked our demo, what kind of reviews they give to us and would they like to interview us. We haven’t sent our demo to any labels yet but soon I will, and hope to some label would be interested about us...
Why there’s so many all these keys/romantic/girlfriends bands around now. Don’t you missed the sound like MERCILESS, DISMEMBER, KATAKLYSM, POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL ever did...
No. No... I haven’t heard a band called POSSESSED?? What is it? Is it somekind of ‘satanicheavymetal’?? hahahahahaha!! Yes, we all in the band like very much about these old 80’s Kings.. Slayer and Morbid Angel must be the most influences to us, I like also bands like Possessed, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom and many heavy fucking good bands from the 80’s. It’s bad that most of them doesn’t play anymore, but I think that Destruction made very comeback with their album “All Hell Breaks Loose”. One of the best albums released year 2000, and their new album “The Antichrist” is out soon...must wait!!!
We would really like to know your band’s history?
We were formed in winter 1998 without our guitarist Jouni Hertell, he came to Wounds in May 1999. Our line-up then was little different, I did only the vocals and we had the bassist from Patricide (other band from Harjavalta) but he quit with us after recording of our first demotape which never released because of the bad sound in it. So we were little time without bassist, but in September 1999 I started to play bass and do the vocals also. We recorded our first demo/promo “Brutal Mutations” in December 1999, and it was our first time in ‘real’ studio. “Brutal Mutations” sold out after few months and it was promoted in different magazines, and most of feedback we got was really positive. We played some gigs with quite famous Finnish bands like ADRAMELECH, DEEPRED, SHADOWS OF SUNSET, HORNA, FURNACE, SLUGATHOR, etc.. and with SUICIDAL WINDS from Sweden. We recorded our 2nd demo in summer 2000 again in same studio that we recorded our first demo. Second demo/promo “Barbarizing the Death” sold out in few months like the first demo, and feedback was again pretty good from different magazines... no interviews yet. Now we played gigs and did some new songs, and almost a year after recording of 2nd demo we thought that this is good time to got studio to record our third and best demo till’ this day. The new demo “Nuclear Devastation” was released about month ago and it sold over in few weeks, interviews was made after big promotion and only two or three review this far, but they have been very good... things are looking great now.
Yep! There’s so much SLAYERish influences in”Nuclear Devastation” especially in drum department. Personally, I think even Slayer forgot to write such tunes back,hehe. Tell me about your musical background and influences?
We have our influences mostly in old 80’s Slayer and Morbid Angel, but everyones of us has their own personal influences, I have influences mostly from old 80’s Metallica, Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Running Wild, Destruction, Kreator.. there are so many of them, but those was them most important. Arto (our drummer) likes also very much of different music styles, nowadays he listen a lot of different jazz groups, but he likes also Demigod, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Slayer, old Metallica, Deicide, Vader, Suffocation, Demilich, etc... many different bands. Jouni (our guitarist) has the roots in old Hard core Punk, but likes mostly Slayer, Morbid Angel, old Metallica, etc.. Impaled Nazarene & Terveet Kadet must be his personal favourites. I think everyone can see, that we got a little bit samekind of influences all of us. Hehehehe!

Do you think the capital city of death, Tampa still rules?! Those Czech brothersalso kicking arse, right?
Yes, absolutely... you can do good sound music even here in Finland, so it must be very easy in other countries, hehehe!
I tell ya what.. I find it hard for Finnish bands to play death metal, am I right? It’s seem black metal is a fashion there...
Yes, you are quite right, black metal is big here, but here are many bands playing different kinds of death/thrash metal, check out these bands: Adramelech, Dauntless, Furnace, Deepred, Demigod, Demilich, Slugathor, Irritate, Creamface, Morbid Savouring, Buried Alive.. but really much bands are from the city where I live. You know, here only 8000 people, so check out The Harjavalta Area Thrashers: Patricide, Solitaire, Animal Foreskin, Pus, Eruption(RIP), Torsofuck, Wounds (of course!). check out these bands and you know more about Finland than Sauna and Finlandia vodka, hahahahha!
Tell me about the responses that you got from “Nuclear Devastation”, any shockable reviews?
Only good till today, not so many reviews or feedback came yet because we sent the promos to different magazines only few weeks ago, this is our 2nd interviews after new demo/promo. Nothing so shockable came yet but I wait, hahaha.
So, what should we expect from Wounds today and in the future?
What you I expect?? I expect gigs, reviews, interviews, sold demos & T-shirts, lots of shits, and maybe a deal with some label.. it would be great to release debut album soon and I hope that it is happening soon. Like I said, we haven’t sent our promos to any labels yet, but I expect that some labels would be interested after listened to our demo...
What about HAMMERFEST? I wanna know more about it...
It is one kind of Heavy Metal Happening in Lahti, Finland. Last Hammerfest, where we played, was fourth Hammerfest. I think in future, more will come... I must say that it was great to play in there and I hope only good to bands behind Hammerfest; Jumalhamara and Strym

Do you know about the situation in Malaysia now? So, let me know what do you think about these kids that became a satanist, when they begun to hear to CRADLE OF FILTH or DIMMU BORGIR? These fakers only destroyed the scene, I think. They don’t love the music actually, but the trends...
I fucking hate that, they should all be executioned in the local place all laughing to them. I will piss on them and I will piss on mainstrem and trends.. Fuck Off!!! We have this kind of ‘evilbadtrendasssatanworshippers’ in my city too, they use Dimmy Big Bad Burger T-shirt when they aren’t in home, but when they come back to home they take the Limp Bizgayt T-shirt out from the closet and wear them for hiding that they are worshipping Dimmu Bogger so their parents wouldn’t shout to them...

What is the best metalfest you ever watched?
I can’t say...hmmm... but the Tattoo the Planet tour in few months will be the greatest, SSLLAAYYERRRR!!!!
So, what is the best sound came out from your shores lately? Probably Astia Studio or Tico Tico Studio still rulez?
Must be the Tico Tico Studio, they have very good and brutal sound quality in every album recorded in there.. other must be the studio we use, the Sound Doctor Studio in Pori, near the city where we live.. they have also brutal and clear sound in all latest recordings from there, but this studio isn’t so big, mostly demo band use it.
What make Glen Benton became your favourite vocalist/bassist? Hihih.. just joking. Who’s actually your childhood heroes?
Must be He-Man.. hehehehe!! No, seriously my biggest hero from my childhood must be Cliff Burton. There is nothing band in Glen Benton, but there’s something EVIL in Glen Benton.. hehehehe.. but after Cliff Burton, second hero must be He-Man I think or Tarzan... hahahaha!
Final messages to the legions?
Nice to have this interview with you, I had very good and nice time with these questions, you rule. Keep the flag of hate up high!! Eveyone who haven’t heard about us, check out our homepages or buy our new demo “Nuclear Devastation” with 6 USD, 10 DM or 20 FIM to my address: Wounds, Kolkkalankatu 6, 29200 Harjavalta, Soumi Finland Metal up your ass!!!!

interview by:- Rammy

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FP0001: AU REVOIR - Keys Of Misery cd

Out in January 2009. Au Revoir plays Rock/Heavy Metal in a very harsh, dirty and twisted ways. Mostly the band focussed on serial killers topic, this is something beyond melody and brutality! Available thru Faithcraft Productions for:

RM10 - Malaysia ( for speed courier please add RM5)

USD10 - rest of the world

Au Revoir’s debut album comes to you all the way from... Kangar, Perlis? Considering the fact that it was put together by the band itself, Keys Of Misery is a very well-done, archetypal metal album. It even got airplay in Italy and Greece. Malaysia Boleh! Check ‘em out at track: Great guitar riffs plus angry lyrics equals headbanging anthem.
- FHM Magazine (Malaysia Edition) –April 2009

You know, it's VERY ORIGINAL! I like! The vocals sound a bit 'whiny' sometimes but still have some charm that interest me! I like the first 3 songs best. It's not typical death metal bullshit like many bands I hear. The melodies are emotional sometimes which I dig... Pat Ranieri, HELLWITCH

I can definately hear some good songs in there, man! a bit commercial for me, but it is good songwriting. you need to work on those drums, they don't sound quite right yet! KEEP ON PLAYING!!! don't forget to listen to manilla road!! - Fenriz, DARKTHRONE

About your CD, well I like your sound heavy with melody and good composition and coordenation musicial, is a great CD..- Daniel, Murder Records

Kalau cuba dikira , ini merupakan single ke-4 daripada Au Revoir , One-man-band Au Revoir terus maju kehadapan dgn garapan muzik yg lebih variasi. Adakah anda berasa janggal dan semak dgn terma single ini … Bagi saya ini bergantung dan bila ianya berkaitan dgn Au Revoir, ia semacam sesuatu yg tak boleh ditolak malah sesuai dgn muzik yg dibawa Rock/Heavy/Metal dgn lirik yg sangat kelam. 'Make Me Suffer' merupakan satu titik perubahan jika dibandingkan dgn lagu-lagu sebelumnya , Vokal Rammy menampakkan sangat berlainan sekali , didalam single yg menampilkan 3 lagu dgn satu lagu cover daripada The Misfits dan 2 lagu baru dgn setiapnya menampilkan gaya vocal yg amat berlainan. Kita mulakan dgn 'Prophets Of Doom' yg dilihat hasil muzik yg penuh padat dgn kelajuan sederhana dan pasti perkara pertama yg berlegarr bila pertama kali lagu ini dimainkan ialah Blackfire , malah ianya tidak dihairankan kerana beliau sebagai salah seorang guitarist Blackfire , dan Rammy juga ada mengatakan iaitu Vokalist Blackfire amat berminat bila mendengar lagu ini , utk dimuatkan kedalam rilisan Blackfire nanti . Tapi jgn cepat membuat andaian – lagu ini melihatkan bagaimana hasil tangan Rammy yg penuh mistik dgn riffing dan hasil gitar yg mudah tapi tiada tandingnya . 'Make Me Suffer' yg dilihat sebagai lagu tema , dihasilkan dgn muzik rancak dan lebih rock n roll , ini sangat berlainan dgn lagu-lagu mereka sebelumnya yg lebih depressive malah vocal beliau akan turut buat kita tersenyum tapi hasilnya sangat kemas , namun tentunya kita takkan mudah utk lupakan riffing yg artistic dan klasik , yg merupakan antara kekuatan utama daripada beliau sejak memulakan Au Revoir . Single yg dihasillkan ini juga merupakan antara yg paling berpuas hati oleh Rammy dan tentunya saya sendiri bersetuju jika dibandingkan dgn single sebelumnya terutamanya dari segi sounds , daripada rakaman dan juga mixing oleh professional dan inilah hasilnya - 'Make Me Suffer' . Sesuatu yg tetap tidak dapat disangkal ialah ketekunan dalam penghasilan lagu , idea-idea yg segar dan berterusan diteruskan oleh beliau , ini bukanlah sesuatu yg boleh dibelajar dimana-mana . Au Revoir terus buktikan dgn muzik yg memukau … 4.25/5 - Pikrama

Please don't stop from creating those soulful melodies...HAIL! - Haidir, HEREAFTER

Seperti ungkapan dalam ulasan saya yg terakhir tentang mereka - 'Bring Me The End , Until We Meet Again ... ' , ya kita bertemu lagi , jarak setiap keluaran mereka tidak begitu jauh , utk tahun ini sahaja mereka telahpun mengeluarkan 3 single dengan setiapnya mempunyai 2 buah lagu baru ... -Psycho Charmer- adalah rilisan terkini daripada Au Revoir dengan 5 buah lagu hanya 3 lagu baru dan 2 lagu lama iaitu -Dying Just As I- telah dimastered semula dan ditambah elemen begitu juga lagu sulung mereka -The Knife- , yg merupakan rakaman ketika lagu ini ke udara di stesen radio di Italy . Mungkin -Psycho Charmer- amat dihargai jika sound bukanlah satu perkara besar buat anda tapi produksi -Psycho Charmer- cukup utk menggambarkan dan menjelaskan setiap idea-idea yg tidak pernah didengar sebelum ini , walaupun kecewa sikit dengan produksi mereka tapi fokus setiap lagu tidak hilang . Apakah yg anda tahu tentang mereka ? , sebuah kumpulan dengan sound seumpama Judas Priest menyusun lagu dengan penuh depresif dan emosi seperti yg dilakukan Sentenced (tapi ingat Au Revoir bukan meniru Senteced) serta memberikan struktur muzik moden . Kumpulan Rock/Metal Au Revoir menyerlahkan sekali lagi keupayaan mereka . Mungkin utk mengekal stabiliti kehebatan sebuah band adalah sesuatu yg sukar .Tapi Au Revoir yg saya percaya , sentiasa dalam kelas yg tersendiri seperti tiada halangan langsung mahupun tekanan utk terus berkarya dalam terus mencipta lagu-lagu yg berinspirasi , spt yg pernah dikata oleh Rammy -'Ia adalah satu luahan perasaan'- . Jujurnya tidak banyak band tempatan yg mampu membuat saya utk mendengarnya berterusan dan berkali-kali , yg adapun hanya sekali sahaja lepas itu terperuk terus dibawah katil itupun terpaksa mendengar berkali-kali hanya utk membuat ulasan . Tapi berlainan sekali buat Au Revoir yg mampu utk merasai elemen yg penuh kesedihan , susunan yg padat dan tidak banyak kumpulan yg mampu membuat lagu-lagu begini tanpa dibayangi influence mereka. Lagu -Devotion- memberikan feel yg sangat mendalam , riffing yg terlalu menarik sebenarnya, saya kenal ramai handalan guitar tapi berapa ramai yg pernah terfikir dengan solo mudah begini dan menghasilkan atmosphere yg berlainan tapi menjurus kepada satu matlamat -depresif- ditambah lagi dengan gaya vokal Rammy membuatkan lagu ini semakin 'berhantu' ... rilisan ini melihatkan satu perubahan yg amat positif daripada Au Revoir . Lagu -Psycho Chamrmer- melihatkan satu bentuk muzik yg perlahan dan mengalun dengan penuh syahdu . Au Revoir bukanlah bercerita tentang cinta tapi mengenai kebencian yg terpendam .. alunan yg sangat setara dlm menghasilkan muzik dengan riffing yg sentiasa memorable , menggambarkan setiap nostalgia , dan manipulasi setiap perasaan . -Psycho Charmer- terus meletakkan Au Revoir pada tahap yg tak terusik dan terus tidak terlawan oleh mana-mana dalam 'genre'nya . Spt ungkapan liriknya ... -"Perhaps, the time has comeI really hate that sight of a mirrorLet them hate so they fear meGreat hate follow great loveI spit on hope , I spit on moralityI am dying beyonds my meansA moving grave, keys of misery"
- Pikrama, 

Overall aku dapat dengar yang hang cuba meluaskan lagi kepelbagaian, bakat & skill dalam gubahan lagu. Cuma kali ni lebih kepada story telling - lullaby & agak mellow. Material yang lama lebih rocking. Vibe-nya pun lasak sikit. Walaupun ada sentuhan keyboards, gitar hang masih garang bersuara. Aku tak pasti hala tuju, arah & identiti muzik Au Revoir ni akan menjadi death-rocking @ psycho-enchanting?! hahaha! Hang la yang decide? Apa pun good job Rammy. I can't wait to hear what's next!!?
- Shahjehan, Illustrator DARKARTZ PROD.

Nafas baru dalam muzik underground Malaysia dengan menampilkan satu kelainan dari band yang tersedia ada. Au Revoir mencipta dunia unik mereka tersendiri dan apa yang dimuatkan kedalam 'dunia' mereka juga sesuatu yang asing. ....Cuba.... membawa elemen elemen irama rock 70-an dengan memperkenalkannya melalui 'Dead By Tomorrow' dan demo ini masih tidak terlepas untuk dikaitkan dengan irama metal. Apa yang dilihat, mereka masih perlukan pendedahan muzik rock era berkenaan untuk mendapatkan sentuhan yang tepat dan berkesan. Walaupun Au Revoir tidak boleh dikatergorikan sebagai kumpulan 'retro rock' 70-an tetapi langkah yang diambil oleh mereka melalui demo ini begitu hampir kearah pengkategorian yang telah disebutkan tadi. Terbaru tentang mereka, lagu lagu baru telah siap dibinik dan ia lebih maju kea rah yang lebih bermelodi riffing gitarnya dengan alunan rock and roll yang lebih bertenaga. Buat pengetahuan kamu, pemuzik Au Revoir iaitu Rammy juga adalah anggota tetap The Ravens sehingga kini dan demo terbaru mereka akan dirakamkan sedikit masa lagi dan Black/Death metal adalah pilihan utama mereka sekarang! The Ravens menggunakan khidmat pemain drum kumpulan Kherow dari ..Sarawak.. sebagai satu rangsangan bagi melahirkan kreativiti yang lebih sadistik dari sebelumnya!!! Selain itu Rammy juga terlibat dalam album 'Lahir Dari Api' dari kumpulan lagenda sepanjang zaman Blackfire sebagai pemain bass. – Zulhisham, KONSERT magazine.

Amorphis terus berjaya setelah melakukan rombakan besar-besaran terhadap muzik mereka, lebih menonjolkan elemen rock 70an yang begitu kuat didalam muziknya malah tidak ketinggalan juga buat kumpulan Tiamat peralihan muzik kepada Rock Metal menunjukkan mereka akan lebih meneroka aliran muzik baru dan sinonimnya kedua-duanya ialah mereka dapat memberikan satu 'feel' atau perasaan pada irama mereka yang tersendiri seterusnya membentuk satu trademark...dan terselit satu kumpulan tempatan, Au Revoir, mereka melangkah masuk tanpa disedari dan bersedia untuk merombak kembali muzik Perdana Underground Metal tempatan. Kekuatan Au Revoir tentunya dalam membentuk 'mood' yang tersendiri. Sebenarnya Rammy kerap memberitahu saya bahawa Au Revoir akan lebih diarahkan kepada Rock Metal, tapi bila mengenangkan lagu mereka yang begitu menarik sebelum ini iaitu The Knife, saya terus menggunakan istilah Heavy Metal tanpa banyak soal. Pertemuan pertama kami semasa gig Impiety di KL pada awal Januari lalu amat bermakna apabila Rammy memberitahu sendiri yang beliau telahpun menyiapkan sebuah lagi lagu untuk Au Revoir, Dead By Tomorrow ! Di dalam promo yang disertakan tertulis bahawa harapan beliau yang saya benar-benar dapat memahami arah tujuan Au Revoir yang sebenarnya. Benarlah, Au Revoir kali ini benar-benar beliau arahkan kepada Rock Metal dengan lirik yang pastinya akan mengisahkan kepada pembunuhan diri sendiri ataupun kepada sebarang kesedihan sepertimana yang dilakukan oleh Sentenced didalam liriknya. Dead by Tomorrow mempunyai feel yang kuat daripada muzik era 70an terutamanya pada part accoustic gitar bersama menggabungkan dengan muzik Metal yang berat serta meneruskan riffing yang mudah tapi begitu diingati, melodinya amat menarik, ianya mudah melekat dalam ingatan. Jika ada pertanyaan kepada saya...Apakah ianya lebih baik daripada lagu 'The Knife', tentunya amat sukar untuk memilih kerana Dead By Tomorrow mempunyai sentuhan yang lebih bervariasi dan meneruskan apa yang dilakukan sebelum ini;- merasai kesedihan!, Mungkin mereka seperti akan sebarisan dengan Tiamat(baru) daripada segi genre muzik kerana lagu baru ini saya 'mengesan' 'arah' Rammy yang semakin akan lebih mysterious dengan muziknya bersama dengan suasana suram – walaupun begitu mereka tidaklah mempunyai persamaan dengan Tiamat sebagaimana dengan Tiamat, Au Revoir berjaya 'menerbitkan' perasaan dengan melodi-melodi yang begitu 'genuine'. Au Revoir membuktikan bahawa harapan yang saya berikan kepada mereka sebelum ini bukanlah kosong semestinya cabaran yang lebih getir untuk membuka mata peminat muzik Metal tempatan dengan kehadiran mereka ataupun membenamkan sikap egoistik peminat Metal yang extreme yang seperti tiada kompromi dalam membicarakan muzik extreme Metal dan yang saya pasti itu bukanlah matlamat utama beliau tapi yang sebetulnya ialah terus menulis lagu, menceritakan mengenai 'kesunyian' dan 'kesedihan' yang terpendam...dan melalui Au Revoir ia terus dapat diluahkan dengan penuh simbolik. Single yang memuatkan 4 buah lagu berserta dengan lagu promo mereka sebelum ini 'The Knife', lagu terakhir saya lihat seperti lagu outro tapi intro pertama yang berlangsung selama 1.55m lebih menampilkan kekuatan muzik yang padat dan mencengkam, memberikan satu ingatan untuk permulaan yang amat baik, Tanpa segan silu ini adalah demo terbaik untuk permulaan tahun 2005. Dan memang tragis apabila saya memilih untuk mengakhiri sebahagian lirik daripada lagu mereka;- "I am happy to end all these sorrows...Now, I'll slit my throat and gone..."

..I like your songs and played it in my radioshow ..
..-Stefen, VARATHRON & Twilight Zone Radioshow.

..Vuml and I were listening to those Au Revoir songs a couple of nights ago, and they sound pretty cool..they have got that obscure 70's reference in them... definetly quite original and dark!..

..- Svest, SICK ROOM 7.

..honestly, ianya hebat dan saya bangga apa yang terhasil. memang inilah lagu-lagu terawal saya dan kawan-kawan. masa tu kami form band nama alter ego kemudian nama metal ghost..

..- Azmi Bahari, BLACKFIRE 

Dunno kalo hang penah dengar 'breath of life'... Atau Fields Of Nephilim. Aku rasa AR ada mirip 2 bands tu.. I like, good to be different! - One Barchiel, AS SAHAR

Monday, February 2, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Anorexia Nervosa

I’m just fed up with those romantic and melodic bands all around. It makes me sick, and they caught me no attention at all. The future of extreme metal is seems scary, where most of the so-called metal bands combine and mix all these mellow and harmonic elements to our beloved violent music! But after listening to ANOREXIA NERVOSA, I personally believe there is some bands out there still have the guts to compose something which is brutal, blasphemous yet in modern and sophisticated ways. It changed my perspective towards this trends, cause ANOREXIA NERVOSA simply a unique nihilistic orchestra...
This interview was done via snailmail and appeared in issue # 7 (May 2002)
Greetings, how is France these days?
I don’t know how is France but get the salutation of French Metalheads!!!

I must tell you that I’m really impressed by your works. Anorexia Nervosa absolutely makes bands like Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir will think of improvement! You guys really can combines violent and symphonies at the top level..
Thanks alot for your great words about the band, I don’t even know what to answer after this, our music is the result of a very long hardworks and I’m pleased to see that you liked it.

I know you will hate this question, but please let me know a bit about AN’s history?
The band was formerly called NECROMANCIA, we began to play Death Metal. In 1995 we changed the name to ANOREXIA NERVOSA because we wanted something more original. We did “Nihil Negativum” our first demo and sold about 1200 copies. Then we get a deal with the ‘fucked up ripp-off-pig-fucker’ SEASON OF MIST and recorded our first album “Exile” an insane piece of Industrial, Gothic, Metal, like most of mihilistic thing we’ve ever done. We left this shithead label and signed on OSMOSE PROD for “Sodomizing The Archangel” and “Drudenhaus” and things are going well for us, we have toured with bands like ABSU, ENSLAVED, IMMORTAL, CRADLE OF FILTH, MARDUK, BAL-SAGOTH, ..and our new album “New Obscurantis Order” is about to be released.

I’m still haven’t got chance to hear to “Drudenhaus”. But in “Sodomizing The Archangel”, I wonder who’s came up with such powerful ideas in lyrics. I think, it’s a bit sci-fiction, but you still keep the perversion taste...
Perversion... yes! Sometimes the lyrics are dealing with very personal emotion. We write about the existence and it’s denial, treat about every era of humanity. This is not science fiction, it’s how you can stand from pure romanticism to total nihilism.. and that’s a part of our own life. Sex is also at stake, so I like the expression “perversion taste”!!

What is “Drudenhaus”? What is the thing you tried to bring in those noises there?
Drudenhaus was a house where thousand witches were tortured, raped, burned, killed.. it was based in Germany and Sacher Masoch lived there after all these massacres. It no longer exist but it was good inspirations for us. We’ve chosen this title because it was in relation with our lyrics and the feeling of the music and the artwork of the album is also about that.

There’s 10 tracks violins in “Drudenhaus”! that’s amazing. I think only THERION can produced that elements before... ( not to mentioned, these guys sang in 4 languages –ed)?
Yes but now I think we are one of the most orchestrial band in metal, we don’t use violin to make atmospheric music but in order to make to be more powerful and extreme that’s the difference.

Is there still a lot of samples in “Drudenhaus”? you also pick sample from porno movies, right?
There is one sample on Drudenhaus it was particularly on “Sodomizing The Archangel” and yes we used samples from porno movies. That’s right, I let you guess the names of the films... they are meet with French version of breaking the waves and it make a real contrast with this sad world like “everything is meaningless now” or “I promise to be obedient...” I can’t translate everything but it gives you an idea...

Today romantic/keys/girlfriends bands absolutely let me down. I’m turning back because of band like ANOREXIA NERVOSA. Tell me about your musical background? Not every bands can create such orchestral, noble and bombastic songs...
We started to listen Heavy Metal then thrash, death and black metal. We also have a gothic influences in the band as well as 80’s electro and industrial noise ( E.NEUBATEN). Classical music is also something important for us but we don’t try to makes classical music, Metal. We want to create something majestic and grandiose and so we use the instrumental of classical orchestra and it’s long to compose. Stefan and Neg work together on these orchestrations because it’s difficult in term of harmonies. And we still work in order to sound extremely violent....

Your vocals rules, man! It’s got a character in all songs. Sometimes cries, sometimes screams and growls. Reminds me of King Diamond, but in more modern way. You are using effects too, right?
Thanks alot, personally I consider KING DIAMOND like god, I worship this band. That’s the best compliment you can make. To answer, we didn’t use special effect, the voices of our singer is natural. We just use classical effects like reverb and delay. That’s all.

There’s something special about the drummer. His structures, sound and energy was incredible. Send my regard to this beast-machine...
I will tell him, sure! But wait before hearing the new album, it’s faster and you won’t be decieved.

What are you trying to show in graphic that embossed in “Sodomizing..” and “Drudenhaus” album?
We show something that is related to the spirit of the band, beautiful gothic and decadent graphism that are expressing our music by strong images. That’s just pure essence of ANOREXIA NERVOSA.

Do you still worshipped the simple and dirty sounding of bands like VENOM and BATHORY?
VENOM is the beginning of it ALL. So we repect this band. We used to listen to it when we were younger as well as BATHORY which is the greatest Black Metal band ever to me. I like every songs from “Bathory” to “Blood On Ice”. My favorite one is “Blood, Fire, Death”. Stefan and the other prefer “Hammerheart” and that’s a huge influences for us and for so much other bands. This guy is a genius. On “Hammerheart” and even “Under The Sign Of Black Mark” he tries to create dark and emphatic great music, something mystical and that’s what we also trying to do. HAIL!

What should we expect from OSMOSE PROD, real soon? Great to hear they also signed IMPIETY under their wings...
Well, you should expect the new album of bands like IMPALED NAZARENE or ENSLAVED and for IMPIETY, we are proud to see them on OSMOSE. Hail them for me. And of course, the new ANOREXIA NERVOSA!!!

Isn’t it hard to you guys to perform ‘live’?
It’s a terrible hardwork for us the most difficult is for NEB XORT and the orchestrations, I think that no-one is able to do what we does but in the end we manage to give something violent everytime and that’s what we like first, playing live!

Do you know,I’d never expect AN hailing from France before, I think there’s more death metal oriented bands there...
I can’t really say if people more Black or Death metal oriented. I should tell you the truth, we don’t consider ANOREXIA NERVOSA as typical Black Metal band, our music is different from band like BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, or GORGOROTH... We are ANOREXIA NERVOSA. We like fucking metal, great metal...

That’s all. I’m just hoping AN will keeps their music violent and pure hellish metal. Final messages to our readers?
Thanks alot for these questions. I hope that you guys will get in touch with ANOREXIA NERVOSA and watch out for the new release “NEW OBSCURANTIS ORDER” you won’t believe it. Sodomy and lust!!

B.P 1064


interview by:- Rammy

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With As Sahar

I bet everyone who involved in metal scene in Malaysia and Singapore knew, One Barchiel. He’s been friendly towards me as he’s been contributing reviews, articles, poems, for the sake of my zine. And this interview was the very very first interview I’ve done and got it replied. So, you know how happy I am that day. There is no fucking internet in those days, and yes, this is something to remember....
How are you?
I’m fucking fine... I’m finally out of National Service in Police Force after a 2 ½ years stint. I’ve got to cherish my very moment of freedom now & to start with, myself and fellow As Saharians will take part in METAL GATHERING in Ipoh this coming March.Tell me more about your “Phenomistik” album?“Phenomistik” is our first full-length album project. A truthful devotion to Malay mysticism and magick as well as praise upon landscapic wonders of our Malay archipelago. It’s our first experimentation with melancholic soundscapes to create drifty and emotional concept.Where do you get the inspirations of these Eastern melodies?
From my proud race, Malay. Especially in those days of Paganism.

What do you think about bands that used female voices?
No comment, as long as that suit the music, it’s okay....Don’t you want to use a full Malay-lyrics in your songs like LANGSUIR and SIL KHANNAZ has done?LANGSUIR and SIL KHANNAZ has done that, so why must As Sahar be another trends? In our next project, it’ll be 50-50 Malay+English... Perhaps we’ll try to sing in the various dialects (loghat) there are in Malaysia-west or East. Maybe you can ask SATYRICON –‘why don’t you sing in full Norwegian lyrics like ULVER and EINHERJER had done?’Tell me about BLACK WINDS PRODUCTIONS?
It’s dead

What things you hated most in life?
Hypocrites, especially some bands who pretended to be behind us all this while but their hearts are infested by jealousy. The very reason why Hanael and Iblyss are now fully As Saharians devotees.. no longer in other bands!Do you remember the blodshed’s history in 13th May? What would you do if it happen again?
Stay at home, get few bottles of beer and drink, drink, drink....I heard that you was an occult student now! Tell me what kind of occult that you studied?
Occult student? Oh yeah? At which college or university? I studied Malay magick both black + white by hereditary to continue the practise of my forefathers... I can never get to it’s extreme for Malay occultistry is somehow is in connection with Islamic religion. I’m fucking bad muslim, I drink, had unnatural sex, never fast during Ramadhan... so, all this contibutes to weakness in Magick.Anything you want to add?
Get “Phenomistik” album at record stores now, or send RM14 to Nebiula Production. Our new T-shirts would be out soon so get info of that from our label, Nebiula Prod. Support have been 100% positive out of your state, Perlis... My message on behalf of our entire As Sahar is – Heil you people there, especially the proudly acclaimed – PERLIS RACIST MALAY METAL DEMONS! Uphold our race!

interview by:- Rammy

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Impiety

When the chapters of Apokalyptic Black Metal from Asia is written. You will realized IMPIETY is one of them. Shyaithan, the driven force behind it has been a close friend to me for a long time. This interview was done just before the band set off for Euro-Bestial Invasion tour.

Issue # 7 (May 2002)

Your very first whisper from the gates of Hell?
Conjured hails of war, steel and goatsodomy, Lord Rammy

Well, the “Skullfucking Armageddon” is out now! Total evil and grim recording ever from Asian, I must say! I see huge changing in songwritings. So, how could you explain this? Maybe the new members gave some affect to Impiety’s sound?
The steel carnage and kataklysmik prowess displayed on this album was delievered mercilessly by the combined forces of all in Impiety. I wrote all the songs on “Skullfucking Armageddon” additional shredding guitar octavescales, Nuklear FX and solos were desecrated by Fyraun and Dajjal also added in his apokalyptik Hellspells and barbaric wrath on deathammers at 666km/h.Impiety’s creations surely originating from the early works of SODOM, SARCOFAGO, and POSSESSED. So, the thrashy elements is added to the new album! What do you think if people say Impiety also trapped in fashion of 80’s comeback?
Well, I don’t think we’re taking the complete retro approach musically or lyrically, there’s a balance of everything... skullfucked yourselves with the malevolent christfucking steel holocaust on this album and you will know...
How do you describe the infernal personality beyond Dajjal and Fyraun?
Fyraun is great to work with... he was formerly from PROFANCER and XASTHUR. I have known this sadistic Alkaholik Warbeast for 6 years now. And he’s been with us since 1997. The ‘ol Dajjal, Mr. Falmi (our label boss!), manager of Dies Irae Productions, is now our promotional manager. The band still works closely with him. The new Dajjal (Iskandar) is great to work with as well, also a schizoprenic Demonterrorist who fits perfectly among the other ranks in the band, he has had infernal experiences from PROFANCER, XASTHUR, ABHORER, and ABATTORY. And, only recently Kravnos was added to the line-up.. he commands the bastard 4 strings DemonAxe very well... I am now fully concerntrating on Bestial War Commands and vokills...! IMPIETY has 4 War Kommanders of Kaos now!!!What is your comments on bands with crystal clear sounds, profesionalism in layout and attitude which reflect the commercialism side of metal. I think Impiety also had this problem before, right?
We NEVER had this problem! We never will have a crystal clear production, everything has been filthy, aggressive and raw as fuck from the very start. We like it this way, we don’t care what others think. Likewise be it professional packing but if you notice, we hate lame and sickening colourful designs. We like our album layouts and colours to be wickedly plain and simple. The design and layout on the new album was planned by me and the rest of the band, and it clearly reflects Impiety’s hateful beliefs and message very well. Even for the album title, we don’t give a fuck even if it was banned from distribution in certain countries, but the album had to be “Skullfucking Armageddon” man, that title best suits the songs on it! We don’t care what other bands do... but is it’s for a commercials cause to help ‘em rake in dollars, then fuck them! Bear in mind, although some bands have great packing and sound, etc... it’s the label that will make the buxx, usually not the artirst. At least not for us, we have never made one cent from the band from day one, till today.

So, what is commercialism in metal for you?
Fuck commercialism totally..! we don’t support it at all!!! Impiety was born, breed and will continue to battle and reign supreme in the filthiest and most blasphemous Metal Underground you could ever imagine. There’s still a whole lot of Christian sheep to be slayed, raped and sodomized, and it’s our job to ensure the complete fall of Christendom, and whole lot of fucking bullshit religions.Right now, you listened to....
The same ‘ol stuffs I usually listen to.. most of my free time is wisely spent spinning revered vinyls of SODOM, early KREATOR, NECRODEATH, DESTRUCTION, SARCOFAGO, POSSESSED, VENOM, DARKNESS, MINOTAUR, MERCILESS, MORBID ANGEL, USURPER, VULCANO, BLASPHEMY, early PROTECTOR, NUNSLAUGHTER, etc.. we just got the new VOMITORY and ANGELCORPSE albums and both totally shred!! So I am listening to these cds right now.. yeah, also listening to the great thunder in the skies above, fuckin’ brutal and brilliantly black and H E A V Y as Hell!! I wonder who’s composing so much hateful satanic noise up there in the ‘Hell’ above..? Sound excellent to my ears!! Hmm, Look like it’s gonna be stormy showers tonight..! Oh shitt!!!Am I right if I say your lyrics best compared to MARDUK? Comments?You could say so if you like, both of us thrive blissfully on antichristian, terrorism and blasphemous but of course, we might probably be sicker and more demented one if compared.Imagine if in the future, Impiety will play Power Metal...describe your sound to us?Ha! Ha!... I can’t imagine that man.... that will make me sick. I already feel like puking thinking about it. Well, in short, I will just say that IMPIETY will always stays IMPIETY.I’m glad to see Impiety still defended the ‘diabolic satanic theme’. But, did you realized that those theme are getting lost and forgotten. Today bands are more into romanticism and poetry. What do you think about this situations?
We don’t care about it.. fuck romantik and melodick BM shit! We proudly on traditionally topics (our beliefs) like WAR, HELL, SATAN, TERRORISM, CHRISTSODOMIES, GOAT-WORSHIP and GOAT-PERVERSION, the profound desecration of lame religion, explicit and infinite dimensions of Antichristian-hate, Barbarism, Misanthropy and Kaos!!!

Thing that you hated most in the Black Metal scene?
Wannabes, Hypocrites, Rumour mongers, clones, rockstars, BM band with whores on the keyboards, Bisexual gothwimps, and rip-offs!!!How about live shows? Tell me where is the best performances IMPIETY ever did?I must say that both shows we played in Malaysia ( Penang ’97 and KL ’97) were equally great. Totally great support from terroristic fans there!!!And advises to bands that trying hard to be superstars! He! He! He!Struggle and masturbate harder....Barbaric planning of Impiety? How about video clips..he! he! He!More show lined up from now till end of the year. We are playing in Indonesia in November and hopefully in Malaysia soon. Presently we’re working on some new song right now. No video clips ever , man... porno flicks perhaps, we all qualify as good porno actors!!!
Final torment in fire?
666 demonic hails to you, Rammy and the killer Kemenyan for infernal years of supports and friendship..! All the very best to your new unholy band, I am looking forwardd to the demo! Raise high the horn of HELL!

interview by:- Rammy