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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Grim Force

This interview was done with Katsuyuki for my issue # 7 that released on May 2002. Grim Force is violent Thrash Metal squads from Japan.
Tell me anything special that happened in Japan lately?
This is Katsuyuki Nakabayashi, who take up vocals and guitars in Grim Force. Thank you for this interview. Is the question about the news in Japan? If so, there are a lot of allegations by politicians and investigations are violently. I feel insecure about this country’s future. As for myself, I got married.
Tell me about Grim Force’s history?
In July 1999, the band was formed by Nakabayashi (Guitars, Vocals) and Kamomiya ( Drums). Although they recorded a demo tape soon after that, the band stopped it’s activity, Nakabayashi joined RITUAL CARNAGE. After recording their 2nd album and touring Europe, he left RITUAL CARNAGE to start the band in February 2000. While Nakabayashi was away from the band, Takahata, the bassist, joined the force in January 2000 and the band signed up with World Chaos Productions for an album. In September, the first album was relased. This album received high credits from Aardschock and other zines. Riding on the strength of reputation, the band performed live energetically. Doing support acts for DISMEMBER, DEFLESHED, NIGHT IN GALES, DEW-SCENTED, 8MM OVERDOSED and so on. The band succeeded in getting many listener’s attentions. Going through some member changes, the current line-up is as follows:
Katsuyuki Nakabayashi ( vocals, guitars)
Sonoe Takahata (Bass)
Masayuki Higuchi ( drums)
So, I have seen a lot of fucking good reviews about your debut album around the globe, what about your own opinion? Tell me more about it....
Actually, I’m surprised. It is true that I thought the album was great when we finished the recording. I thought every piece and every riffs was complete. But that was just matters of my taste of music and was a kind of self-complancency. So I didn’t think we would receive such evaluations, responses, and affinities from many people. It is, however, pleasant to get highly evaluated.
Could you tell the background of your line-up. There’s a members from RITUAL CARNAGE involves in the band, right? How about that handsome female bassist?
That’s right. As I said ealier, I played in RITUAL CARNAGE. Before that, I played in a thrash metal band called DISGUST. As for the bassist, she played in some bands whose name were lesser known. Masayuki, the drummer plays in some bands such as RAGING FURY, GOATS, and so on. If he stopped playing drums, he would die!
There’s a lot of European band touring down Japan last few years. So, which one is the best for you? What band you expect to see in the future?
Well, they were good differently. They were powerful. I can’t decide which was the best. I don’t have any band to see in mind particularly, but I want to see any band if I have the oppoturnities to do so.
GRIM FORCE performes live?
Yes, of course. We do live ‘violently’! It is fun to perform live every time.
Tell me what is your faves bands of all times?
I love TESTAMENT all the time! They are the best. Other than that, I like so called Bay Area thrash metal band, as you would see listening to our album.
How about the future of GRIM FORCE?
We will release a new album and tour around Japan this year. Also, we’d like to tour around Europe if someone invites us. To tell you the truth, we cancelled a German tour for certain reasons. We feel very sorry for the fans there expecting to see us. It is for that we want to tour around Europe.
Is the ‘samurai metal’ things going trendy in Japan? He..he..he..
Well, the situation is slightly different. We’ve got ‘sumo wrestler metal’ here. Everyone eats so much to put on weight, to be like members of CROWBAR! Of course, this is just a joke! There is no sumo wrestler metal.
Last words to our readers?
Everyone who is reading this interview, buy our album NOW! That will make our lives well, hehehe. So much for joking! Seriously though, now that you can get 100% pure thrash metal album, please listen to our album if you have any interest. I believe you will love it! And please invite us! WE all hope to see you soon. Thank you very much! My snailmail address is as follows:
Katsuyuki Nakabayashi
202, Minamino Shijounawate-shi, Osaka-pref ZIP 575-0021, JAPAN

interview by:- Rammy

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